My Relationships With The World

I can identify at least three distinct relationships I have had with the world.

The World Is The World

The first is the one I grew up with. The world is the world and you are a part of that external world. The world is what is. It is true and you are a temporary thing that is passing through the world. The world does not revolve around you. It barely knows of your temporary existence. Your understanding of the truth of the world is your responsibility and likely wrong and incomplete.

The second relationship started forming for me after twenty or thirty years of trying to work within the first relationship but there were issues. I was curious and bright, and creative and I discovered that thinking of the world as a done deal outside of myself eventually became very limiting.

The World Is A Reflection

The second relationship offered more freedom. In this idea, the world was an outer reflection of my inner convictions and processes. Somehow my inner beliefs about who I was and how things worked, were projected energetically and drew to me people and experiences that mirrored my state of mind.

This relationship with the world offered much more freedom than the first one because I knew that if the world was a reflection of my state of mind, well, I could change my state of mind! So I could change the world.

Not only was this relationship less limiting that the first relationship, but it actually seemed to work. No joke! When I adjust my inner understanding and perspective the outer world absolutely reflects that into my experience.

Eventually, and especially when I noticed that this was working, I began to feel a distance from the outer world. I had the feeling that the outer world was not so consequential. It was ‘camouflage reality’, after all, not the real thing.

After the thrill wore off, living in a world that wasn’t really ‘real’ but merely a reflection of the energy I was expressing ended up feeling a bit isolated and lonely actually. If it was all just a reflection of me, including my friends and fellow-journeyers, wasn’t it just a kind of mental masturbation?

The World is Me

We were ready for my third relationship with the world. Kris has helped me to understand this, especially in his current ‘Murmurations’ series. This course is all about how we are murmurations of energy flowing through the stories we tell ourselves. It’s wonderful but the big idea is that we are not singular.

It’s not just that the world is a reflection of our beliefs and desires. We ARE the world in a fundamental sense. And at the same time, every element in that world is its own individual self, same as we are.

My dear, conditioned ego has reacted the best it can, given my beliefs and desires, to protect me by narrowing our identity to this physical body in this particular focus. But I don’t need to be so stingy with my identity.

“The Self is always a committee.”

The distinction between myself as this physical body and myself as the person I am talking to ends up being up for discussion. I can blend and merge and generally infiltrate and cross-pollinate with anything I perceive because it is my own energy.

Kris gives the example of the murmurations of a flock of starlings. Each bird is indelibly an individual being, sovereign and free. This only adds to the meaning of its joyful participation with the whole flock as it forms magical and mystical apparitions in the sky.

My third relationship with the world opens the way for creative collaboration with any and everything we perceive. Understanding that there are no limits only gets you in the door to this party!

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