Waiting For Estragon

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Several interesting developments today that seem worthy of recording. (Just parenthetically, doesn’t everybody have a certain number of significant experiences every day? I remember having this idea decades ago: that everybody has 137 problems every day, no matter who they are. This may have been fairly prescient at the time.)

Today I had a crown put in by the dentist. A crown, in dental terms, is a porcelain tooth that has been carefully manufactured and sculpted to be just right. It is then cemented onto the carefully shaped stump of your real tooth.

This is a relatively painless procedure physically, but it does cost about $1500.
I was thinking that crowning all the teeth in my mouth would cost about $50,000 but I think veneers and implants are cheaper. (Donald’s teeth are perfect so we are wondering at what cost, and did he stiff the dentist?)

Also, let’s not forget the recent article about how removing wisdom teeth proactively was mostly a money making scam. Most wisdom teeth apparently just sit there for the duration. Only when there is a problem should we consider removing them.

Anyway, this dental visit was mostly stress-free because I have accepted the responsibility of taking good care of my physical body including my teeth, but also because I recognize that the dentist and his assistants are other aspects of my own expansive Self, and we are all were working together for our mutual benefit. Yay team!

And just to record what I think may be a pretty big deal… I had an interesting experience yesterday.

Keeping in mind that I have been working through a number of different ways of writing about Kris; whether as a book, or kind of diary, or a series of articles or what… I have declared myself open to constructive, positive input on this from any other aspects of myself.

So I was feeling pretty good and working my way through the day when I happened to notice a book on the lower shelf of the bookshelf in my bedroom. I pulled it out and it was ‘Waiting for Dessert’ by Vladimir Estragon.


This must have been a book I picked up at Goodwill years ago as I had no recollection of it. But is was quite attractive to me because I enjoy reading about food and this guy wrote a food column in the Village Voice way back when.

I had just finished ‘The God of Jane’ by Jane Roberts and was open to something new to read so this was great. I put the book on my bedside table and looked forward to reading it.

So, in physical terms, as I was wandering through my day, I noticed and picked up a book I had no recollection of, and put it on my bedside table. Just noticing the actual events involved here.

That evening, after reading the intro and some of the first article, I realized why this had happened. I had been throwing around ideas about how to write a book about Kris’ teachings.

Kris is a channel source who speaks through Joseph Grandbois and for a decade or more I had been attending his sessions and writing about my experiences.

What Estragon’s book showed me was that I could sort many of the pieces I had already written into themes or topic areas, and pull them all together by writing a modern day introduction, and perhaps comments on each entry.

I have hundreds of brief articles on Kris’ ideas that could be organized into topics and presented, perhaps with some edits, under an into piece that explained the main ideas being presented.

Also in terms of going forward, by writing a piece every week or so, in a year we have 50 pieces to organize and present as this year’s book. So I see a couple of books coming out immediately with what we already have, and a book a year for the duration…

Also… this feels like major fun!

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