A Writing Experiment To Try

I am new to the power of writing. Thanks to a suggestion from Kris, I have recently started writing on a full-time basis and the revelations just keep coming. Writing is an exercise that engages our minds and consciousness in a special way.

As Kris said, ‘after about five minutes the magic kicks in’. This is true in my brief experience. I may sit down to write without a single idea of what I am going to write about, and a few paragraphs later my whole world is starting to move on the screen and under my keyboard.

Kris has said that writing opens a portal to Dreamtime and allows insights and influences that we may otherwise deny or disregard. Writing ends up being a mystical activity akin to alchemy that can actually transform our understanding.

“Kris:  Because the pump will be primed and ideas will begin to flow. Awaiting the right conditions is like saying, ‘I will wait for the right conditions in order for me to wake up in the morning, in order for me to breath properly, in order for me to get married, in order for me to make breakfast.’

There are no right conditions, there are just conditions that you utilize. And the same occurs with the flow of ideas, once you tap into that flow, however, then you can travel with it, meander here and there and suddenly realize you are actually flowing very nicely.”

KRIS ~ Private Session – March 6, 2017

Wouldn’t it be fun to ask a question at the beginning of a writing session and see if it opens a portal to Dreamtime and the answer comes?

Okay, so here goes…

The ‘safe’ question I have come up with is this…

“If we are fully shifted and comfortably inhabiting our new state of consciousness, both individually and collectively, what would that look like in everyday experience?”

The ‘unsafe’ question is as follows…

“How can I comfortably experiment with a life without gerbils and donuts? (gerbils and donuts will be our code words for other stuff) Would it be better? Or is it really not the issue and ends up being merely an option, a personal preference. We do enjoy our gerbils and donuts!”

So the new question obviously becomes…

How would a fully shifted, but still physically embodied personality deal with creating a comfortable way to experiment with gerbils and donuts?

This reminds me of the question Kris asked us in the last Murmurations session… (#2)

“Kris: And it is part of the beautiful experiences of your beings. Most of it all has to do with your states of mind at any given time and you can begin with this very simple premise. Do you believe, can you believe, dare you believe that it is possible to think such wonderful things, and what would happen if you did? What if you did believe some of these things? Who would you be? What would you do? How would you be affected? Would it change anything that you think and believe about yourselves? Would it enhance who you are? Would it allow you to be more than what you were yesterday? All of these are simple little questions but they can be sneaky because they can set into motion some very interesting effects because if you believe that it is possible to believe in such things do you know what happens? This is not a rhetorical question. Can anyone answer it?”

KRIS ~ Murmurations of Consciousness: Love and the Eternal Self – Session 2 – April 3, 2017

My best answer is that such a personality, totally shifted and having come into balance in the new consciousness, such a person would have a very different approach to these issues than my present understanding of myself.

This being would not only know that it was not the physical body, it would know that it was not limited even by any of its multi-dimensional aspects. That it was always expanding into a wider understanding of the benevolent affection it was couched in, and the vast resources it could call upon.

The issue is never what is presented by the physical senses. They are wonderful at picking up what we are projecting but the active part is not what is stimulating the physical senses but what is generating that stimulation, (and the senses too BTW).

What is the symbolic meaning of these outer perceptions and what are we learning about how and why we are projecting them? This is the question, and since we are open to any constructive influence from our myriad of aspects, not to mention Source Self and ATI, the answers come immediately.

The issue is not the outer behavior but the inner exploration and what we are exploring here is the idea of trapping ourselves and then breaking free.
How would we build a trap for ourselves to innocently fall into? How would we react when this happened? Or better yet, when would we even notice we were trapped? And, of course, how would we get out?

Would we think to build a back door so we could always get out if we really needed to? Probably. So what might that back door be?

The back door is letting go and standing down. Basically taking our foot off the accelerator and lifting our hands from the steering wheel.

I had a fascinating discussion with my friend recently about how to go with the flow. One option is to simply let go of all attempts at a direction and flow with whatever is happening.

The other idea is to use a speed boat or surfboard and steer ourselves in a particular direction. Still in the flow but also trying to move towards, or away from, stuff.

In our discussion, we discovered that simply going with the flow could possibly be more direct. Keeping in mind that the flow originates with our wider Self all the way up to ATI, this flow is enchanted and even divine in character.

Where we want to steer our boat is based on our present focal understanding and is not in any way complete. This means we could, in all good faith, try to steer towards something that is not optimal.

So, getting back to our question, this future self who is totally comfortable with this wider understanding of who and what s/he is, would relish the opportunity to address a particular behavior pattern or belief system.

This would be regarded as grand sport from the perspective of this expanded me. ‘Ooh! Some deliciously outdated conditioning to examine and release, how delightful!

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