Acceptance Releases Us Into Our Point Of Power


Acceptance automatically brings us into the Now because that is what acceptance is about – what is happening Now.

I suppose we could think about accepting something that happened in the past, or something we feel might happen in the future, but that is secondary to the potency of accepting what we are experiencing Now.

The idea of acceptance might even be a bit of a distortion of the nature of our experience in the Now, because it is an idea, symbol, or concept, standing for the primal act of experiencing our beingness without any intervening resistance or interpretation.

After all, the Now springs itself upon us in every moment, totally new and compelling. And our reaction or response to it, or even lack thereof, does nothing to dampen Its spirit. Our nows continue to arrive whether we welcome them or not.

So consciously choosing to accept something we have been resisting doesn’t add anything to the equation necessarily. It simply returns us, purified and new, to our eternal, natural engagement with the Now.

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