Acceptance Allows Us To Create What We Want

A new understanding is niggling its way forward into my awareness. This realization has found a way to present itself to me in multiple ways over the last week or so. Funny how a theme starts to develop in our understanding. The theme here turns out to be the potency of simple acceptance.

Accepting things as they are presently actually allows them to change in the directions that we desire. It allows them to flow through our perception unimpeded and transform, as we observe them, into closer and closer approximations of what we really want. This is our natural action.

Resistance is what stops this natural flow, stops change, and prevents what we don’t want from transforming into what we do want. A simple enough idea, but somewhat radical in terms of the ‘normal’ approach where we believe that by resisting the things we don’t want, we make them go away.

Cause and effect assumptions are often behind our resistance. We believe that if we don’t nip something in the bud it will get bigger and bigger in our experience. Acting as if we were operating in the ‘spacious present’, the simultaneous now, allows us to loosen these assumptions.

Accepting something that you don’t want as being perfectly acceptable for this present moment doesn’t mean we agree with it or want it to continue. It doesn’t mean we don’t want something else. It only means that for this nano-second, this moment, we accept that ‘such and such’ a thing is. That’s all. We accept that it is. And really, what choice do we have? There it lies before us, big as life! It is.

So accepting what we don’t want as OK for this moment, and still maintaining our desire for something different, naturally and effortlessly creates change because it allows our innate nature to interchange unimpeded with the innate nature of the Universe in ways that are spontaneous and mutually beneficial.

The trick is to accept what is, whatever that might be, and maintain our faith and commitment to what we desire. We focus on the ideals we want to express and how we want to feel, but not on how the Universe will fulfill these things for us. That’s not our department.

To provide some background for these ideas, I am including some quotes. Here is Kris talking about how change naturally occurs with an intensification of our desires.

 “Some people refer to it as intensifying the vibration. It is fine. What is important is the recognition of the intensification. And this is so with all of the stories that you tell yourselves, whether you are aware or not. Though being aware, and making yourselves more and more aware of this does provide you with that particular advantage of riding the crest of that wave, which in and of itself brings about change. That is the nature of the beast.”

KRIS – Urban Shaman – Session 14 – March 15, 2017

So it’s all about how we feel, our desires, and riding the crest of that wave. Accepting, even embracing, our present experience, this is what automatically and often, effortlessly, brings about the change we want.

Of course, things we don’t want that appear in our experience are our creation too and they have meaning for us. So it is often wise to go beyond simply not resisting them and actively use Kris’ Triple A technique (acknowledge, address and accept).

Coincidentally (oh yeah) there was a new Elias transcript this week that touched on the exact same ideas. Part of the subtext here is that half a dozen sources have provided pieces to this puzzle, all in the space of a few days.

Elias is talking about giving up trying to fix things…

“Now; when your thinking moves in that direction of resignation, that is your indicator, for that is what it is translating. It is translating you giving up that fight. That does not mean that you are immobilized. It does not mean that you are not engaging any actions. But you are not fighting with it any longer. You are not moving in that direction of the fight being the fix.

That does not mean that you don’t want to alter something. That is the point; you DO want to alter something, and in that, it is that subtle difference between moving towards and moving away from. When you are in that fight—“I have to, I have to, I have to”—you are expressing that moving away from. When you resign, you move towards. Then you are expressing that openness to allow, and then you create changes. You allow—

ELIAS – Webinar – March 19, 2017

I have had inklings of the importance of allowance for a while – maybe a decade or so. I did a nice graphic back in 2007 on Opposing vs Allowing.


But this feels like a new development of these ideas. In the past, I understood that accepting what we are presently experiencing was just the first step. By doing this, we clear our vision so we can see choices – options that we can act on that will lead us towards what we want.

Sure, I talked about ‘effortlessness’ in the graphic but it was really just talk. Deep down, I still felt that there was work to be done in focusing on those choices and acting on them. We still had to DO something in order to fulfill our desires.

This is the piece that is changing for me. I am not sure we have to DO anything to achieve our desires except honor the desires and stop resisting the now. Since we are multi-dimensional being, and since the ‘outer’ Universe is a projection of who we are inwardly, why would we need to fuss, or strive, or strain, about anything? It’s all an inside job!

When we are not resisting our nows, we will be offered whatever we need, and prompted by impulses to act spontaneously in support of the best directions for us and everybody else.

To be clear about what I am describing, I will include a few memes and quotes that all came up within a few days this week…

 “Once more, it is extremely important that Ruburt keep his mind on his goals, and not burden his conscious mind by trying to figure out circumstances and conditions that are best handled by the infinite intelligence that is within his own subconscious mind.
“The way and the means will be taken care of. They will indeed appear almost effortlessly – but he must let the BURDEN of worry go.”

SETH – The Way Toward Health, Chapter 1, Session January 23, 1984



Putting these ideas together we begin to understand that acceptance, allowance, relaxation, letting go of worry, judgement, denial, this is all that is really necessary. All the rest takes care of itself once we release our resistance.

As you might imagine, this is quite a revelation to me and gets me to examine my life for all the ways that I am resisting my present experience and trying to fix or change it.

It’s a bit shocking to realize that simply by stopping my opposition to what I don’t want, I re-enter that magical place where the Universe and I are one and we conspire together to effortlessly, almost mischievously, create what we both want.

Of course, my immediate impulse was to make a list of the things I am resisting and trying to fix in my life. What would happen if I simply relaxed and accepted these things?

List of things I am presently trying to fix or change.

* My back, health, body, skin, strength, vitality.
* My own character, history, habits, conditioning, limiting beliefs, naughty bits.
* My apartment, cleaner, less cluttered, more comfortable.
* Other people, increasing their knowledge, understanding, consciousness.
* The World, pain, disease, suffering, unfairness
* My own lack of knowledge and understanding.

The image is a lovely Cut Out by Matisse from late in his life when he could no longer paint that makes me think of acceptance.

One thought on “Acceptance Allows Us To Create What We Want

  1. Acceptance 2.0

    Since publishing the post, there have been some nice developments. This is totally working. Numerous examples…

    I had not realized how many things I was resisting in my everyday experience.
    One of the odd things that is happening is that when I pause and say, ‘This is acceptable,’ whatever prompted me to do that often turns out to be more than acceptable.

    For instance, I might have a moment of regretting that it is overcast and rainy. When I notice this and release the resistance by saying, ‘This is acceptable.’, I begin to realize that being here and now and experiencing a dull, rainy day is more than acceptable – it’s lovely!

    This is happening more and more. Perhaps there is some sort of acceptance singularity where it just sort of starts to happen on its own and gets more and more. That would be great!

    Could this be something like the fulfillment singularity Kris has been talking about? Is acceptance a kind of fulfillment, or a necessary part of fulfillment?

    That is starting to make sense actually, because fulfillment is not something we can produce ourselves on demand, if you will. It happens to us. We are fulfilled in ways that are not immediately or obviously in our control.

    Fulfillment comes as a blessing, or a thief in the night, and is not something we can summon on command. This means that we have to accept fulfillment. That’s its only way in to our experience.

    So acceptance and fulfillment are different but necessary qualities of the same thing. (acc-fillment or full-ceptance?)


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