Easing Gingerly Into Acceptance


As usual, we scoped out Loblaws this morning and after half a liter of green juice and topping up with free WiFi, we strolled the aisles and came across some half price mushrooms.

Worth noting perhaps that I had drifted into an odd sort of trance state, very aware of the symbology of physical experiences and their source in Dreamtime. I was kind of mesmerized by these musings

The interesting thing is that as I picked up the cellophane bag of half-price mushrooms, at the same time I was thinking that we didn’t really need mushrooms right now.

I had just made a big vat of our veggie stew, enough to last several days, and these mushrooms would be quite old by the time we were ready to make a new batch.

In the weird sort of fugue state that I was in, I found myself quite unable to put the mushrooms back. I had been attracted to them, they were in my cart, and we were going to buy them.

As I have been doing lately, I simply observed these developments with some interest, and we move on, picking up several other things and proceeding to checkout.

What happened in checkout gave me a very helpful perspective on breaking out of conditioning and getting off the hamster wheel of running old programs.

The checkout lady, who I have come to know over the years, pointed out that there was no half-price sticker on the mushrooms and she couldn’t discount them.

It was fascinating for me to observe, in the semi-trance state I was in, two different reactions arising in my consciousness. Two different scenarios presented themselves, complete with all necessary appurtenances.

In one scenario I could feel some aspect of myself rising up righteously to protest that the mushrooms were certainly half-price because I got them from the discount area. And on down that line of probabilities.

In the other scenario, I realized that this development released me from the need to buy the mushrooms which we didn’t need or want. This seemingly negative development was what I had wanted to happen from the beginning.

Can it be possible that if we just relax into our present understanding and observe what is happening, we will automatically do what is necessary to create what we want? It is that simple?

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