Surfing Waves Of Emotional Intensities

How we handle intense emotions may be an important part of our reality creation process. Kris has recently explained that there is a powerful emotional energy behind anything we do. Recognizing this is very revealing, and how we engage and express these emotions becomes a potent part of our reality creation processes.

Here are a couple of quotes to start things off…

Kris, from the Urban Shaman course, session 14…

“Indeed, there is an intensifying, you could say density, of emotional power. And that does not particularly signify that the intensity of emotional power becomes ‘jacked’ like just before a volcanic explosion, but it is intensity in such a way that it brings about beautiful manifestations. Or at least manifestation to which you give meaning.

So your stories, when you are on the verge of transitioning from one story to another, from a story that seems to have bound you, or so you tell yourselves, into something more liberating, this is also a particular jump into a kind of fulfillment singularity, where again, the intensity builds up momentum. Hmm?

Some people refer to it as intensifying the vibration. That is fine. What is important is the recognition of the intensification. And this is so with all of the stories that you tell yourselves, whether you are aware of it or not.

Though being aware, and making yourselves more and more aware of this, does provide you with that particular advantage of riding the crest of that wave, which in and of itself brings about change. That is the nature of the beast.”

Seth, The Early Sessions Book 8, Session 334

“The intensity of the inner feeling is the dominating factor here. A sudden but intense feeling of hatred or resentment or fear may cause tragic physical circumstances, for example. A sudden and intense exaltation, however, will have the same immediate and literally astounding but opposite physical effect. That is, pure joy, even of brief duration, can literally change the direction of a life.”

Putting 2 and 2 together here (22 right?) around the idea of emotional intensity. Kris talked about how important it was the other night in his Urban Shaman and Mystic course (see quote).

Hearing this created its own emotional intensity in me! I was ‘jacked’ to begin to understand the importance of emotional intensity in reality creation.

Quite honestly, as a guy who grew up in the ’50s in small-town Ontario, I had nothing to do with my emotions if I could possibly help it. Expressing emotions was weak and pathetic.

I remember my dear father’s Christmas ritual. While I grew quite close to him towards the end of his life, his relationship with his six children did not involve touching us. Each Christmas morning he would shake the hand of each of the boys and kiss the two girls high on the forehead.

Emotions were something we were expected to keep to a minimum, or at least to ourselves. I grew beyond a lot of this by the time I finished university, but a lack of enthusiasm about emotions has lingered.

So there was an issue for me when I started reading all the channel sources talking about the importance of our emotions. I kind of had to go to the backroom of my consciousness and pull my emotions out of an unused closet.

They were all there, though, and it was wonderful to welcome them back into my life. Of course, there were a lot of emotional overloads during this time, both positive and negative, in the way we tend to classify these things.

But what Kris was saying about how to ‘surf’ emotional intensities and the opportunity for fulfillment singularities has caught my attention. It could actually be a reality creation technique.

Basically what Kris and Seth are saying is that emotional intensities are how we energize certain ideas to manifest in our experience, and they are very powerful.

We all have emotional moments. If not daily, at least regularly. We are creatures of emotion, no doubt. Note that it doesn’t matter if the emotion is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The important factor is intensity.

There could be two steps to this technique.

Recognize the intensification of emotion

“What is important is the recognition of the intensification.”

Here we just notice that we are having an intensification of emotion. Sounds simple, but due to the nature of emotion and intensification, this can be a challenge. The key is to acknowledge an ‘observer’ aspect that recognizes that we are experiencing this intensification of feeling.

So the next time you are really happy, or really sad, or really angry, or whatever the emotion may be, allow a tiny portion of your awareness to simply notice this intensification.

Surf the wave of emotional energy

“Though being aware, and making yourselves more and more aware of this, does provide you with that particular advantage of riding the crest of that wave.”

The next step is to ‘ride the crest of the wave’. The wave, of course, is the intense emotion. ‘Riding the crest of this wave’ invokes the metaphor of surfing.

A surfer does not simply allow the wave to carry him or her along in whatever direction. This could be disastrous. A good surfer rides the wave and steers the energy towards the best possible experience, in Kris’ terms, the fulfillment singularity.

The excitement I feel about this is that this seems to give us a way to make use of ANY intensification of emotion. First to notice exactly what kinds of realities we are creating for ourselves by observing our focus during these moments.

And perhaps we can even start to ride some of that intensity in the directions we are dreaming of.

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