Discovering a Peaceful Place


I want to share with folks what has been happening for me in terms of feeling more peaceful lately. It has been very noticeable and almost uncanny at times.

It is only lately that I have recognized that I have been pushing through life, and basically pretending to be ‘me’ to fit into what I thought the world was about. This falls under the category of things that we are aware of, but never actually acknowledge or look at carefully. I always knew, deep down, that I was off balance and concocting a false ‘me’.

Trying to do everything ‘right’ and presenting the ‘me’ that I thought the people around me wanted to see. Even when I was rebelling and insisting on my freedom, I was doing it with an eye to how I was being perceived by others.

Recently though, I have begun to realize, and actually experience, a different way of engaging my everyday flow of life. I am the meaning of my life and there’s no rush.

Some of this may come from accepting the idea that I am eternal and immortal. This being true, there really is no rush. It’s not a race, and there is no prize other than what is always accessible to us, and everyone, in the present moment.

I will find myself pausing, sometimes in mid-stride, and taking a moment to scrutinize something that I would hardly have noticed before. This often reveals something meaningful.

I also take the time to position and arrange my footing, and my whole body, to suit whatever I am doing. Weirdly, I didn’t do this nearly as much before.

My understanding of the importance of physical stance comes partially from a book I found at Goodwill a number of years ago. ‘The Feldenkrais Method’ has always been a respected book about physical action, even though I only read the introduction and looked at the pictures.

I would often try, in the past, to accomplish something without adjusting my body, some sort of control issue or something. This sometimes caused actual physical strain or accidents.

Now I recognize that my physical body is much more than what I had thought. It is actually my personal, physical focus of my reality creation activities. So now I treat it with respect and even affection and take care that it is always properly positioned and grounded.

Here’s a fun way to catch a peek at what I’m talking about. Take a moment and stand in a doorway without going in or out. Get in touch with the feeling of just being in the doorway.

From here, you can go into the next room, or turn around and go back where you came. You are not in either room at this point, but you are on the threshold of each, and you have a choice.

I recall Kris/Brahm talking about this during the Lotus Mind workshop in Toronto so many years ago. Brahm suggested we see ourselves in the eye of the storm, with so many things whirling around us. But we were at peace in the calm eye.

Peace is where you find it and it turns out you don’t have to react, say anything, fix things, do what’s expected, or even pay much attention to all the stuff happening around you.

You’re the author, actor, and audience of your reality and the only one who judges it is you.

You can focus on your own eternal, immortal beingness and explore the personal meaning and opportunities in whatever lies before you. Or, you can do anything else that you want!

  “Brahm went on to describe our position in the ‘eye of the storm’. All around us is the ‘storm’ of the realities we are creating through allowance and opposition. Our origin is in the calm middle and we are buffeted and discomforted by the storms of our creations only when we stray from this centre.

Brahm pointed out that our third mind was aware of both the first two, and asked us why we should settle for being a Divine Being when it was we ourselves who had created all divine beings.

Your life and your world does not define you. But instead, you define them!”

~Kris: Lotus Mind Workshop – Toronto – June 8-10, 2007 (from my notes)

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