Discovering Hercule Poirot


Over the past several months I have been studiously opening myself up to my other aspects, my source Self, All That Is… whatever. I do this every morning in a meditation when I consciously enter Dreamtime and, along with opening myself to the influence of my other aspects and broader Self, we often find ourselves having fun with our totem or spirit animals and have other adventures.

This daily allowance of these inner, multidimensional influences is starting to have a noticeable effect. As a weird example, I was innocently pushing my cart down the aisle in Loblaws the other day, and as we passed the canned meat section, I was frozen in place with a wonderful memory of eating sprats.

Sprats are little tiny fish that exist in profusion around the Mediterranean. They are smoked, fried, breaded or packed into tins for a seafood snack.

They were on sale which is what initially caught my eye, and I bought a couple of tins. Not only did I buy these sprats, which, as a self-professed vegetarian, is a bit unusual, but I opened one tin, almost with trembling fingers, and ate the whole thing the moment I got home.

Such is the price I happily pay for following my impulses and allowing input from other aspects of myself. Some aspect clearly really needed a sardine fix!

Another impulse I have been pursuing lately is stories about the detective created by Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot. At first, I started watching TV shows on Netflix and really enjoyed the character of Poirot played by David Suchet.

After a few episodes, I began to realize that Suchet’s depiction of Poirot represented some character traits that were very well suited to my emerging personality.

Poirot is a pompous, self-absorbed little gentleman whose peculiarities include immaculate, almost dandyish, dress, a tiny, improbable mustache, and a fondness for maddening secrecy. But these characteristics are more than offset by his unequaled brilliance and the grace with which he gleefully solves crimes.

I am beginning to recognize qualities in Poirot’s personality that may be helpful in my present situation. I have fairly recently accepted the idea that I am fundamentally a writer, for the time being anyway.

I have always written but this is something else. Now when I write something it is very different. The other evening I got a glimpse of what kind of creativity goes on when I am writing. It felt like I was a sculptor or potter at his wheel shaping the creation.

Where I resonate with Poirot is when he makes his own choices, usually at odds with the general consensus, and does what he understands is more appropriate. This is usually based on what his ‘little gray cells’ tell him.

I am reminded of the ancient sage in China who was summoned by the Emperor. His disciples wondered for weeks why he did not pack his things and set out on the long journey to the capital. Then word came of the Emperor’s untimely death.

I actually just downloaded the original short stories by Agatha Christie, and a quick skim tells me that the books are better than the TV adaptation. I happily adopt some of Poirot’s characteristics. Even the tiny little steps he takes when he is walking.

I am not sure whether I am adopting these characteristics from Poirot or whether I am merely acknowledging traits that have always existed but were not given much prominence. For instance, I have always had a short stride. I do take precious little steps and that has always been my way.

So it turns out that following impulses is really about doing what we want to do, when we want to do it, and the benefits are both pretty immediate, and usually beyond what we may have anticipated.

Kris has recently stressed the idea that who we really are is an infinite field of unlimited possibilities, and that we, each of us individually, we are the meaning of our own Universe.

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