Choosing The Feeling And Trusting The Process


Combining a couple of ideas here. One is that choosing how we want to feel is much more powerful than focusing on the details of what we want to happen. The second idea is that we don’t need to understand exactly how this all works for it to happen. We just need to allow it.

Both these ideas have come out of the recent intersection of Kris and Alexander’s material. These two venerable channel sources have been batting these ideas back and forth for a few months now and the expansion of our understanding is palpable.

Experimenting with these ideas this morning at Loblaws, I had a wonderful experience. Loblaws is a big food store near me, and I go there every morning for a coffee. They have a very nice café and also free Wi-Fi.

For the last couple of weeks, their Wi-Fi has been out. I go in there to update my apps using their bandwidth, so I missed the daily connection to free Wi-Fi. Every morning lately, I would get my coffee, sit down, and turn on my phone, all the while wondering if I would get connected.

This morning I paused as I reached for my phone, and thought to myself, ‘Lets try and fix this with our energy. Send out a tendril of consciousness or something’. Immediately the thought came back, ‘Why should I fix THEIR problem?’.

The next thought was vehement, ‘This is MY world and I want free Wi-Fi!’ Thinking about what Kris and Alexander have been saying, I visualized the Wi-Fi access screen coming up on my phone while focusing on the feeling this would give me.

Of course, this was a happy feeling and I imagined myself smiling and feeling satisfied for a moment or two, and then I turned on my phone.

Wi-Fi! Everything I had imagined came through, except the happiness factor was MUCH bigger than I had anticipated. It was thrilling to see that access screen come up. And not just because I was getting what I wanted.

I was also thrilled at the success of my experiment! Focusing on the feeling totally worked! HOW this works exactly, I do not know right now, but this is where the second idea comes in.

I do not have to understand how the Universe or my broader Self sorts these things out for me. My job is to choose what I want, loosen my attachment to any limiting beliefs, and focus on the desired feeling. And then, just let it happen.

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