Breaking down my ‘I am…’ affirmation


As part of a kind of phoenix-like burning down and reemerging process that Kris has been taking us through for a few months now, I came up with this daily affirmation.

I am eternal, immortal Spirit Soul
Full of wisdom and bliss
And I delight in this opportunity
To express my Self
With this body
In this world

I’m not exactly sure where this came from. Obviously a mix-up of a bunch of ideas we have been exploring. Let’s just say it came from the ‘wisdom’ that I am full of :).

Over the period of the last couple of months, repeating this mantra or affirmation many times a day, some of the depths of these ideas have gradually emerged in my understanding.

Let’s start at the beginning. ‘I am eternal, immortal Spirit Soul.’ First, why do we need the two words? Eternal and immortal are redundant, aren’t they?

Well no, actually. If I am merely eternal, like the sky, and the stars, and time and space, it is not clear that I am ever an individuated being. The idea of immortal is that I cannot be killed. That implies that I am alive as a unique personality. So we need both words.

To finish this first line, ‘I am Spirit Soul’. My true identity is spirit, which is energy, and soul which is consciousness, and these qualities are always changing and expanding.

The next line sometimes makes me a bit shy. Who am I to say that I am ‘full of wisdom and bliss’? What I have noticed, though, is that when I say these words, they resonate very meaningfully in my perception at that moment.

Wisdom becomes a total acknowledgment of my present awareness and the consciousness behind it. There is nothing there but open doors into other ways of perceiving, questioning, understanding, and exploring.

And almost immediately this brings forward the bliss factor. It makes itself known by a sort of impishness that I feel as I peek around the room out of the corner of my eyes, half expecting something amazing.

The next line is pretty straightforward. ‘I delight in this opportunity.’ The key ideas are delight and opportunity. This affirms my enthusiastic participation in this world and also that it is a choice that I have made.

To express my Self’ is a very potent line. Focal personalities are sometimes referred to as ‘expressions of Essence’. My life here and my everyday experience is actually a focus, or particular lifetime, of my wider Self where I have innumerable other focuses.

With this body’ is really very close to the heart of why I am doing this affirmation. As a sixty-six year old guy, I grew up in a time when it was understood that we are merely this body, and it will inevitably degenerate over time until we die.

I am starting to experience the bitter fruits of these beliefs and this affirmation is part of a program to release these beliefs and allow my body in this focus to revert to its natural state of strength and vitality.

In this world’ is very interesting. When I make this affirmation I almost always raise my arms and gratefully acknowledge my present environment including the dreamtime layer that is supporting it.

The connection between ‘this body’ and ‘this world’ is also very powerful. It has become clear that a body automatically generates a world within which to express itself.

What good is a body without a world, and what good is a world without anybody?

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