Two Layers of Truth

In the last several months Kris has developed the idea that there are two different levels of truth. This was originally a rather cryptic statement made last year by Ther-ülin, another personality that Serge channels, who sometimes visits us during a seminar.

“The universe is not what you believe it to be, because the universe is what you believe it to be.”

I guess you’d have to be there – and I was! What this means is that our experience of the universe is tremendously influenced by our beliefs. For this reason, we normally do not perceive what the universe really is. We see it through the filter of our beliefs about who we are and how things work.

This idea was later restated in a less cryptic way, “The universe is a state of mind. The universe is YOUR state of mind.”

This gets across the idea that we can change our experience of the universe by changing our state of mind. It makes it very accessible to everybody because we all understand that we can change our own state of mind, so we can change the universe we experience.

The other side of this idea is also very interesting, the idea that there is a ‘real’ universe behind what we experience that we are not perceiving fully because of our beliefs.

This actually ties in very well with my own everyday experience of reality. There are many, many things I can change about my life; my job, my home, my relationships, my understanding about who I am, my feelings about myself, etc.

There are also many aspects of my life that I cannot change. The sun will rise tomorrow, it may rain, time passes, gravity works, this is my body, we can’t breathe underwater, and etc. These things I cannot change.

In a similar manner, the universe I co-create with my other aspects for our shared experiences is filled with all manner of amazing things that I can experience, but it is also totally based on another, more comprehensive and less limited level of reality, where these and many other kinds of experiences are envisioned and constructed.

In this deeper layer of consciousness, which Kris has dubbed ‘dreamtime’ and Seth calls ‘framework two’, we are not limited to our physical bodies and we perceive and work with an altogether different sort of reality.

In this reality the sun never sets, it is always raining somewhere, time passes or not, gravity is optional and our body is whatever we need it to be in the moment. And breathing underwater is a snap. All we need is the body of a fish!

Originally we were able to perceive both levels of reality. Seth gives a lovely description of our development of physical reality as Spirit Soul and how, in the beginning, we were not bothered at all by seeing physical death because we could also see that we did not die in the dreamtime reality.

He describes our cheerful equanimity about physical death in nature because we were able to see the animals that had just been killed gamboling up the hillside in their dream bodies. We have lost this dual vision.

We all naturally experience dreamtime when we sleep and we are shown nightly the reality and importance of this layer of our consciousness, but our modern consensus reality has lost touch with dreamtime. labeling it unreal and unimportant.

When we lose touch with the validity of our existence in dreamtime, we start to identify only with the physical body. This, of course, eventually leads to massive trauma in our own consciousness, not to mention our family and friends who have also bought into this idea, when we are inevitably forced to ‘vacate the premises’, so to speak.

The advantages of seeing two layers of reality are like the advantages of being bilingual. When we learn another language we also suddenly see what languages are and how they reflect innate spiritual qualities of connection and interaction.

Likewise, when we perceive two layers of reality we suddenly understand what realities are and how they reflect our innate creativity – our ability to express ourselves effortlessly and unlimitedly.

I once asked Kris if he dealt with a layer of camouflage reality or whether the world he experienced was the base level, without any particular content. He responded that all entities, including All That Is worked with a layer of camouflage, but the difference was that they knew it was camouflage and were able to easily navigate around it.

So the point here is not to try to ‘ascend’ to a higher vibration or level of reality. The point is to enjoy and appreciate physical reality without losing sight of the fact that it is based on another dimension that allows us to recognize any camouflage for what it is, and navigate through it.

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