Feeling Good Changes



For the past couple of weeks I have been feeling pretty good, emotionally and physically – maybe even a month now. After simply reveling in this development for a while, I am asking myself why this is happening.

This is actually fairly new. I am used to asking myself why I feel bad, but usually, I just accept feeling good without question. It seems worth pursuing though.

I am clearly losing weight. So much that my outdoor pants feel loose, and I can see in the mirror that my face is thinner. The irritating skin condition on my shins and scalp is fading. The shooting pains and tingly numbness in my feet is much reduced. And overall I feel much more calm and relaxed.

This afternoon I made my big vat of vegetable stew that I prepare every three or four days, and the process of cooking was much more relaxed and composed than it has been.

The big change was in my demeanor while cooking. Instead of being impatient with the garlic skin for not coming off easily, or trying to work as fast and efficiently as possible, I was calm and collected and took my time to do things the way I wanted to do them.

Consequently, I cooked the mirepoix (onions, carrots, and celery) down farther than usual, and shredded the cabbage finer than usual. And this time I diced the ginger very small rather than grating it. Coincidentally (oh yeah) today’s stew was unusually delicious.

I can think of a number of things that may be contributing to these lovely developments in my life.

  • Daily affirmation – “I am eternal, immortal Spirit Soul full of wisdom and bliss and I delight in the opportunity to express myself with this body in this world.” I repeat this many times a day and have little signs posted around my apartment with this quote.
  • Homeopathic remedies: R65 for psoriasis, R68 for shingles. Apparently, the shingles virus can express itself without the seeping pustules. The shooting pains and tingling in my feet may well be another variation of shingles. I had the usual version several years ago and it responded to R68.
  • New recliner: I found a very nice recliner/ rocker chair that makes it totally comfortable to eat lunch and watch Netflix on the big monitor. I have fallen asleep in this chair.
  • New diet: Green juice for breakfast, an apple, rice crackers and cheese, vegetable stew, seeds; pumpkin, sunflower. Very little bread and no sugar except organic honey.
  • Adopting the mantle of a writer: accepting a new definition of myself, new personality traits, new apps, new printer, new arrangements for daily writing.
  • Daily Dreamtime contemplation: totem animals; bear, fox, opening myself to input, influence, insights from other aspects and Source Self.

As usual with changes of this kind in my life, I am doing so many different things it is impossible to say which is working and which is along for the ride.

But I am not going to look this gift horse in the mouth. I am just going to accept the changes and start thinking of even better ones. No limits, right?

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