An Inordinate Fondness For Beetles


Chatting with a friend the other day and the topic came up about how our outer experiences mirror our inner movement and processes.

The insight emerged that the outer world was not only about us, but the world was us because it was configured precisely and uniquely for us by our beliefs and understanding of who we are and how things work.

I told the story of wanting to be a cowherd boy. Having the body of a cowherd boy was not enough. I would need cows! And the cows would need grass, which would need rain, and eventually, we see that being a cowherd boy assumes an entire world within which that experience becomes possible.

Each individuation of consciousness creates a world within which it can express its present understanding of itself. This is totally effortless and automatic, and it involves actual emissions from whatever body we choose to inhabit that elicit the cooperation of units of consciousness to express our desires. Fairly awesome really.

All the channel sources, Kris, Seth, Elias, have offered basically the same ideas about this. As spirit soul, we express energy through the physical apparatus, possibly using the pineal gland, that has been filtered through our beliefs in such a way that uncounted units of consciousness pick up our intent and happily form the reality we want to experience.

Suddenly the famous quote from the biologist about beetles came to me;
“If He exists the creator has an inordinate fondness for beetles.” In his writings, Haldane, who died in 1964, noted that there are 300,000 species of beetle and only 10,000 species of mammals.”

Is it reasonable to assume that every member of 300,000 beetle species creates its own reality? If that is so, the universe is crammed, stuffed I tell you, with unlimited numbers of individual universes.

In one sense this could make us feel that our own effort in universe creation is just one of many, but here’s the thing. It also means that our particular universe is equal to any other and that it is totally customized to our present understanding, and, the icing on the cake, it always presents us with wonderful, practical, accessible avenues forward.

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