It All Comes Down To What We Believe

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What We Believe Is What We Experience

All the channel sources from Seth on down have insisted that what we believe to be true is what we experience to be real. The power released by our believing something creates entire worlds to support that belief.

This is an amazing assertion and many of us have tried to work with it in many ways. It ends up being a kind of Catch-22 though, because if what we believe creates our experience of reality, how can we ever know what that reality really is?

The fact that our beliefs produce our experience of reality means that we are buffered, or cocooned by our own beliefs and expectations from experiencing anything that challenges what we believe to be true.

Thankfully Kris has pointed out a ready-made solution. When we are attuned to our inner being and recognize daily insights, impulses, dreams, and all manner of communications from our wider selves, we automatically receive the needed expansion of perception and experiences that naturally change our beliefs.

However, when we are not attuned to these inner communications because we have rejected or suppressed them, our beliefs become fixed and rigid, and eventually so fragile and vulnerable that we feel we need to protect and defend them. Of course, this is futile and a waste of energy. Eventually, all things change.

Beliefs are a necessary part of our reality creation process and are meant to change as our understanding grows and our consciousness expands. But we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that these kinds of beliefs are operating at a different level than the primary truth of who we are and the fact that when we believe something, we generate whole realities. Such is our power.

So let’s flow easily into a new understanding of ourselves and how the world works, instead of grasping at aging, crumbling belief structures that no longer support the best possibilities of expansion and fulfillment for all of us in this new now.

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