Stepping Outside The Body For Some Fresh Perspectives

I have recently vacated my body. No, I didn’t die. How could I be writing this if I died? What happened is simply that an idea took hold. Most recently Kris, along with many, many other mystics and seers before him, has told us that we are not the body.

Who we actually are, as conscious beings, is much, much more than any particular physical body. Our mind is not our brain, our memories are not stored in our prefrontal lobes or wherever, and our dreams and desires are not meaningless chemical reactions.

In fact, it goes the other way. Chemical reactions are an idea we have given meaning to with our attention, and by concentrating on this idea of chemical reactions, we have brought them into being. Such is our power.

Applying this idea has led me to experiment with an affirmation that I have repeated several times daily for a couple of weeks now.

“I am eternal, immortal spirit soul, full of wisdom and bliss and delighted to have this excellent physical manifestation to engage this dimension of consciousness.”

Over the course of a week or so, this daily mantra eventually transformed my basic stance in reality. Instead of feeling that I was my body, like a boxer in the ring, weight on the balls of my feet, hands bandaged and ready for anything.

img_1983Slowly my identity slid out of the physical body and took up residence over my left shoulder. This focus of awareness is who I really am and the body is a very capable helpmate in negotiating the surprises and delights of this dimension.

I made an image or two about this but without much attempt at explanation because it was all new and changing.

Now after two weeks something really interesting happened. I have had back issues for years and mostly just try to minimize them in my daily life. But today as I scanned some new ‘disturbance in the force’ around my back I realized that I was not in the body as usual but sitting over my left shoulder.

delighted_1From this vantage point, my physical body was a dear thing to me and I caressed it with my energetic ‘hand’ as spirit soul. Immediately I was aware that there were issues with the neck and spine and hips, and nerve flow generally and that these could all easily be adjusted energetically.

But I hesitated because I knew that these were all signals my dear physical body was bearing to me to catch my attention and make needed adjustments in my state of mind and worldview.

So I turned my attention with great interest, as spirit soul, to the messages behind all these symptoms. But being so fond of my physical expression, thinking of it almost as a companion animal or totem, I offered what comfort I could by running my ‘hand’ up and down its spine and sharing peaceful and relaxing energy.

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