Who We Think We Are Changes Everything


The ‘mind experiment’ is a concept I have always loved ever since I discovered it in science and philosophy. The idea is that someone sits and thinks about something, perhaps with a friend, and goes through various ‘what if’ scenarios in their mind.

My vision of this is two old friends sitting together in a medieval study, perhaps in front of a fire, perhaps with a tiny glass of sherry, exploring ideas that don’t have to be physical to be meaningful.

So I propose a mind experiment about the idea of identity. Kris has shown us recently that our identity can expand way beyond the physical body. We are our environment, as well as the other’s we interact with. In fact, the whole perceivable universe and much more is an expression of our identity.

This is a very big idea and I can get a bit overwhelmed trying to work with it. So I am not suggesting that we expand our sense of identity even out to our Source Self. This could easily be too much.

Let’s simply expand our sense of who we are to the focal consciousness that inhabits and empowers our physical body. This might be a description of this point of view…

“I am an eternal spirit soul filled with wisdom and bliss and this embodiment is my personal form for engaging the glories and delights of this plane of existence.”

So, we’re not merely the body, but we’re not attempting to encompass Source Self or All That Is yet either. We are the expression of consciousness that has chosen to focus through this body, in this time and place.

So the mind experiment I am proposing is this: How does this expanded identity change our perceptions of our experiences in this focus?”

For me, certain things fall away as being inconsequential, and other things rise up and become of the utmost interest and importance.

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