Trying Out Some New Abilities


A lovely January afternoon with light snow falling and vegetable stew warming on the stove was interrupted by the sound of several texts bleeping through my iPhone.

Attending to the stove was the priority, of course, and it was only when I sat down to eat that we read the messages. A dear friend of mine was going through a reaction to something – had been triggered – and was quite agitated.

Reading the messages actually started to trigger me. Not about the issue my friend was working through, but about having my lunch interrupted by this kind of ‘disturbance in the force’.

Noticing this reaction, I used the tapping technique (see below) that Kris has recently offered at the personal empowerment weekend – once around the head at various energy points. Once was not enough, though, so I went around again.

I felt my awareness and understanding gently disengage from my body reclining in the chair, and rise to the ceiling of the room, and beyond. Immediately an excellent idea presented itself.

I summoned my dear fox totem animal and didn’t even have to give any instructions. He just looked at me knowingly, ‘I get it.’ In an instant, we were approaching my friend in dreamtime.

This extraordinary resource, our totem animals, is an idea Kris has introduced in the new CMI course, The Urban Shaman/Mystic. We can each connect with our own personal totem animals in dreamtime, and begin to work with them to achieve our objectives in ways we have denied ourselves.

The totem animal of my friend, who is quite aware of all this, is a raven, and as we approached, it flew around and cawed aggressively. The fox and I hung back – actually at this point I had become the fox.

Immediately the idea occurred to offer the raven some treat infused with the loving kindness that we were offering. The corn we threw on the snow was accepted happily.

The fox was then able to jump up on my friend in dreamtime and lick and snuggle and run around like happy foxes do. This brought a very happy feeling for me too.

I could feel it physically, like a ripple of effervescent energy flooding down from my head to my shoulders and chest, and then down to my whole body.

Each morning, as suggested by Kris, I ask myself, ‘What wonderful new aspect of myself will I discover today?’ Well, I think I have discovered today’s.

Combining the tapping, with heartfelt use of my totem animal, actually works in the real world. It changed my heart rate and allowed me to enjoy my lunch.

Oh, within a few seconds of doing this, my friend called and we had a lovely conversation that sorted a lot of things out.

– – – – –

Neutralizing Tap

We all get triggered from time to time by some event or circumstance that pushes our buttons, and we go into reactive mode. This reaction is mostly based on past conditioning – running old programs that we know don’t accomplish what we want.

Kris showed us a tapping technique similar to the tapping found in EFT but with a different purpose. By tapping in a sequence of eight points around the head we short-circuit our pre-programmed reactive mode and move to a neutral psychological space.

From this slightly detached vantage point, we are able to clearly see the options that will take us where we want to go – peace of mind, relaxation, allowance, compassion and loving kindness.

The image below shows the location of the points. We start on the inner eyebrow of the right eye, and move around the head to the same point on the left eyebrow.


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