Catch-22 Beliefs


“I have the ability to momentarily set aside present circumstances and view possible alternatives”

One of the basic ideas of Conscious Creation is that our beliefs are out-pictured as the reality we perceive and experience.

That old saying about ‘seeing is believing’ is actually backwards. It should be ‘believing is seeing’.

In a way of speaking, this means that we each are encapsulated by a kind of bubble of our beliefs. If we don’t believe something it cannot penetrate our bubble and we don’t perceive it.

Now, of course, our beliefs are changing all the time, so this bubble of beliefs is influenced by our experiences and understanding as we expand.

This belief-changing process can take a while, though, and sometimes we may need a quick fix. It would be handy to have a kind of short-cut that allows us to bypass limiting beliefs in a particular area and move on.

I am calling this a ‘catch-22 belief’, because it allows us to straddle in consciousness the influence of new ideas with the dictates of old ones.

This belief could be stated as follows: ‘Even though I understand what would normally be true here, I am setting it aside for the moment, so that I can understand other possible alternatives.

As of now, I am inserting this belief into my understanding. Fair warning: it looks fairly innocuous on the surface, but it leaves open the back door of our understanding.

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