Daily Rituals

There are certain things that we all do, almost all of us, every single day and this is most significant and revealing. A day is a powerful symbol.

I am thinking about writing a book about daily rituals – the things we all do every single day just to be part of our civilization, making our way on this planet; breathing, eating, relieving ourselves, connecting with each other, drinking, dying, being reborn, realizing something, remembering, forgetting, imagining.

This would provide an opportunity for us to legitimately explore and talk about SO many important things from a very immediate and down-to-earth perspective. What kinds of stuff do we do every single day, and what does this tell us about our inner worlds?

Cleaning ourselves and our domicile. Fulfilling duties – personal, familial, civic, national, international – species-specific duties, life-specific duties, consciousness-specific duties.

And also, of course, playing, having fun, feeling comfortable, relaxing, going to sleep, dreaming, reveling in being who we are. We do all of these things EVERY day.

Basically, by zeroing in on ‘the day’ as our focus point, we are moving closer and closer to finding our place in the expanded now. But there are particular patterns, rhythms, and cycles that cluster around this idea of a ‘day in the life’.

This could be a fun book with lots of colorful illustrations and quirky references. For instance (showing that this interest is not new), back in university days I found a book on sale in the university bookstore entitled, ‘Daily Rituals’ and excitedly bought it.

So disappointing to find that it was boring denominational nonsense. In total contrast to the book we are envisioning which will gleefully investigate the very which and how of daily life.

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