Vegetable Stews


As a single gentleman in his sixties, I have made an important discovery about how to manage my diet. It’s all about vegetable stew.

I knew something had to be done when I noticed that parts of my body were expanding like a parachute catching the wind. Other bits were coming up with startling maladies and lesions that have proved a mystery to modern science.

After flirting with butter tarts and raisin bagels in the hopes that I was beyond all that conditioning, the realization came home that I still firmly believe that good, whole food, freshly prepared was the best. And beans are god’s gift to vegetarians.

So for a few weeks now we have been enjoying various kinds of vegetable stews as the main meal of the day. Oddly the impulse for this was a particularly tasty saag paneer roti.

I wanted to make that wonderful flavor myself and, as a result, started cooking various kinds of vegetable curries. These were all so delicious and satisfying (well, mostly ;), that they have become a standard in my diet.

Interesting that the actual original impulse came from wanting to enjoy a particular flavor. Yay, gustatory perceptions!

So what about other kinds of vegetable stews? I am looking forward to exploring English, French, Italian, various kinds of African, likewise South American, Asian and Russian vegetable stews.

You know that all of these peoples and more will have their own version, with their own flavors and ingredients. What fun!

– – – –

By vegetable stew, I do not mean soup. Vegetable soup can be thin with very small, sometimes overcooked, bits of vegetable. For me, good vegetable stew has big, bite-size pieces of vegetables that are just barely cooked through, along with thick, flavourful broth or gravy.

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