Expanding Identity


A friend asked me a question the other day while we were talking about the new website. It was more of a statement really but posed as a question.

“So we need to get rid of the ego to experience all this, right?”

I replied that no, this wasn’t my understanding. We needed the ego as a focal point for perception. But what he might be referring to was the conditioned ego that believes it is the mortal human body and is a victim of time and circumstances.

This ego was certainly a limitation, but not because it is the ego, but because it has accepted limiting beliefs and prejudiced perceptions.

If we feel that our true identity is that of a biological being, basically an accident of cruel evolution and uncaring nature. And furthermore, if we believe that when we die, it’s all over for us, kaput, then it’s amazing to me that people get out of bed in the morning!

And let’s not forget Freud. If we also believe that our unconscious or subconscious, and even our dreamtime, is a maze of dark and dangerous passages reaching back to our savage, lustful ancestors, then we are terrorizing ourselves from within and without.

Various channeled sources, thankfully, and also cutting edge scientific research, have provided alternate views on who we are, and how things work. The idea that is emerging is that we are god-like beings who exist in an eternal present where the worlds we experience are the product of our own mind, will, desires and imagination.

Okay, back to reality, right?

If we choose though, we can allow our sense of identity – our idea of who we are – to expand to include some of these new ideas. As we begin to give consideration to the idea that we are really multidimensional Source Self, with many other focuses or reincarnational selves in this, and other dimensions, we start to see more and more evidence of that.

The big missing ingredient in both traditional science and psychology is that beliefs create realities that demonstrate the truth of those beliefs. If you believe something, evidence to support that belief will start to show up in your life. The missing link is understanding the role of consciousness. Until we add consciousness to the equation, it comes up short.

Consequently, these new ideas of who we are open our perception and understanding to experiences that start to demonstrate the truth of the ideas. We get insights, intuitions, dreams, impulses from our inner awareness that we can now trust and act on.

So expanding our sense of identity – who we think we are – can have a big impact on the kinds of possibilities and opportunities we allow ourselves to choose from.

“We have also mentioned that you are multidimensional selves; meaning that you can be, and you are, in many dimensions at once. That one physical body that you have now, the one personality that you are expressing now, are but a fraction, mere… (Pause)… bits and bytes of information infinitely more complex and varied than what you assume at this time. That you have, through the auspices of the so-called “higher self” or “inner self” a number of other lives that you can call “reincarnational lives”, that you CAN also find yourselves in other times and places, historical or otherwise, though you might not be consciously aware of these beings.

Through the wonderful auspices of this “higher” or “inner” self you can have access to all of the other intelligences — rational and intellectual minds — that you have cultivated in all of these other lives. That indeed you are NOT limited to the factors that you know existed before you, but exist on all different types of levels.

Thus, through the auspices of this inner self — sometimes that you call the unconscious or the subconscious — you can tap into vast banks of knowledge and accumulated wisdom from many ages of lifetimes.” Kris – Drive Thru Enlightenment – March 10, 2003

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