Getting to Neutral Allows Us to Start Fresh

Conflating a couple of ideas here. One is that we create our own reality by our beliefs and choices, and the other is that our perceived reality is actually a reflection of ourselves – or who we presently believe ourselves to be.

Given these two ideas, it becomes clear that our best stance vis a vie our experience of reality – our ongoing, everyday life – is to totally accept it as an expression of our own dear Self. This does not mean we cannot make choices based on our preferences.

Since it is an expression of who we presently think we are, to reject or oppose our present experience is to reject and oppose, and discount ourselves. This will not bring the kind of inner harmony and congruence that propels us into new understanding.

There is a difference between reacting to something – being triggered – and consequentially looking for ANY viable option, and calmly observing something from a stance of neutral well-being, and from that platform making meaningful choices based on our preferences.

(BTW – Kris has recently offered a tapping technique that returns us to neutral when we have been triggered by something.)

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