Planting a Living Idea


I have been planning to write a book about Kris. This is in aid of the intentions of our team, to expand the offering of Kris’ material to many, many more people. A book on the basic teachings Kris offers seemed like an obvious next step, and I’m the guy with all the knowledge and experience.

So we have been having quite a bit of fun, actually, thinking about how this book might look, what the topics might be, who the audience could be, and so on. I have been collecting apps for doing research, outlining contents, and even Scrivener for compiling the whole book when it is ready.

Somehow though, I was not ready to start pouring energy into any particular outline or plan for the book. I was purposely hanging back and not putting all my eggs in one basket, and yesterday and today I found out why.

Without thinking, I had been applying what I thought was the normal, ‘best practice’ kind of approach to writing this book. Of course, it became clear that this was not going to be the case. I was going to apply the approach that Kris has been helping us to understand. Duh!

So yesterday I made an image, seen above, of someone inviting an idea into their state of mind to be given some consideration. I knew even then, that the idea in question was the Kris book, but did not label the drawing as such to allow others to have their own ideas.

But this morning in my meditation in Dreamtime I found myself, along with my dear Bear and charming Fox, to be identifying and accepting a beautiful Idea Structure for the Kris book.

We welcomed this idea structure, which is alive of course, into the parkland and found a place with sunlight and water to plant it. There was some technology as well, linking this seed-idea to whatever transcendental resources it needed.

This is the first step in creating what we want. Allowing the idea and giving it the nurturing it needs. Accepting and delighting in the experience that the idea develops us, as much as we develop the idea.

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