Before and After Meeting Kris


We were asked to write a short piece describing our lives before Kris and after Kris. So I have seated myself here and now invite my many aspects to offer assistance. I also charge Fox, my totem animal, to go out and bring back any tidbits that might be helpful. So here goes…

Before Kris

Most of this lifetime has been about figuring all this stuff out. I have been fascinated by all manner of cosmologies, philosophies, spiritual teachings, and even physical and dietary practices meant to expand our understanding.

I was a dedicated seeker for going on 30 years, to the exclusion of career, partner, house, car, or even much contact with family or friends. During this period I explored the classics: Christianity, Buddhism, Vedanta, Zen, Yoga, Tai-chi, Mythology, etc. Then I moved on to channeled material; Seth, Bashar, Elias, Abraham, P’taah etc.

These explorations gave me a wealth of information and that was enough for a number of years. Exploring what Seth was saying, along with Elias, Abraham and all the others, was consistently mind boggling — but for some reason not life changing.

My outer life did not reflect the astonishing ideas I was learning about. In retrospect, the expansion was mostly conceptual and intellectual. I began to understand all these amazing things about myself and how the world worked, but it didn’t change my life much at all. I was still seeking.

Meeting Kris

In 2004 I came across Kris online. The old Kris Chronicles website provided lots of material to read and almost immediately I was hooked. This material was not only mind-boggling but somehow engaging in a personal way. These were not only astonishing ideas about who I really was, and how things worked, but the way it was presented was simultaneously open-ended, poetic and compassionate, as well as being eminently practical and immediately doable.

And the kicker was that when I tried what Kris suggested — it worked! It was these personal, practical and effective qualities that made Kris’ teachings irresistible for me.

After Kris

First the obvious. As a result of my relationship with Kris, and working with his material, my life is completely different. I no longer think of myself as a seeker. Not that I have found the final answer, far from it. But I am exploring now, rather than seeking. Kris has helped me to realize that I am Soul, eternal, full of wisdom and bliss, and anything I might be seeking is within me.

In the Vedic tradition there is the concept of koshas, sheaths or coverings that drop away sequentially as we expand our awareness. The illustration shows the five layers or sheaths we progress through to our pure consciousness.

The bottom layer, Annamaya is about getting enough food and physical survival. The next layer, Pranamaya, is about using the life-force, energy and strength, to address issues. The third layer, Manomaya, is about mental understanding and using the mind to sort things out.

It is this Manomaya layer, the metal layer, that all of my previous seeking has opened up for me. In all humility, I have come to understand a pretty large swath of philosophical and spiritual teachings. But these explorations had begun to become just more and more of the same, and then I found Kris.

Kris took me to the next level, quite literally, in this model. The Vijnanamaya layer is about putting spiritual knowledge to practical use. Interestingly, in the Vedic tradition, this layer is also where much of so-called suffering in human life begins to fall away.

And this has been my experience! By applying Kris’ teachings in my own life, I have moved perceptibly from understanding amazing concepts to viscerally experiencing life-changing new perceptions.

It feels like I am on holiday from my previous understanding of how I should live my life. I am more relaxed, and much more comfortable in my skin. Instead of rushing through life trying to catch up, I am acting like a tourist in a foreign country; walking more slowly, stopping and looking at things, speaking to strangers, changing plans at the drop of a hat, enjoying unfamiliar buildings, art, and traditions. And let’s not forget the food!

To be quite candid, I sometimes seem to be drifting into the next level – Anandamaya – bliss! I blame Kris.

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