Choosing Who You Want To Become


Chatting with a friend today over coffee, and a few ideas sort of flowed together into a very nice way of thinking about how we can choose who we want to become

First a couple of ideas. Both Seth and Kris have pointed out that there is no such thing as ‘growth’ in our terms, in the physical world. The reality is that we create a brand new universe in each moment, and what we see as growth and development is actually incrementally different new realities, created one after the other to simulate the experience of linear change for the benefit of our physical senses

The other idea kind of builds on the first one. In the spacious present or the simultaneous now, all things already exist. We experience this as probabilities and we can choose a probability to experience by simply focusing on it, or more specifically, focusing on the feeling and value tones of that state of mind

You get what you concentrate upon.’, is the only main rule.

Apparently, it is the future versions of ourselves who provide us with the information about how to incrementally create the realities that lead to experiencing any particular version of ourselves.

The upshot of this is that there are a number of probable selves, in what we think of as the future, sending back information, insights, realizations, etc., about how to create the stream of realities that leads to their particular expression.

This means that, like the baby learning to walk, we are given, by our ‘future’ walking selves, the impulses and realizations that lead us to spontaneously start kicking our legs and eventually realize our inborn ability to express the human potential of walking.

Likewise we can choose the ideal version of ourselves we would like to embody. And by focusing on this version of ourselves, we automatically start to receive the insights, realizations and favourable opportunities, that open the doors to fully creating and realizing this chosen aspect of ourselves.

Fairly awesome actually.

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