Acceptance vs Opposing

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Looking around at our lives, there are two main perspectives we can adopt. We can judge our present experience – this now – as acceptable, or we can oppose it.

At one time our understanding was that accepting things we didn’t like meant allowing them to continue. It meant settling for something we did not like, and this seemed like defeat.

Consequently opposing what we didn’t like seemed the only reasonable option. Thus we created all the wars we have waged for so long; on drugs, poverty and whatever disease. Going to war against the reality you didn’t like, seemed the right thing to do.

Turns out these ideas are almost exactly upside down. In retrospect, how could we have gotten this so wrong? Particularly when the evidence started to mount up that none of this opposition was working the way we wanted.

If we oppose any aspect of our reality — what we perceive as happening to us — we actually add energy to whatever we are opposing. The only main rule is, “You get what you concentrate on!”. And opposing something is obviously concentrating on it. (Don’t think about the pink elephant in the room!)

So it turns out that the first option mentioned above is the one that is working for us – judging whatever is happening to us now as acceptable. The piece that makes this work is that we are the ones who are creating the reality we are experiencing, or as Kris has described lately, ‘The universe is a state of mind, YOUR state of mind!’

Since we ourselves create everything we experience, if we reject or oppose anything we perceive, we are rejecting our own wider Self’s transcendental and loving offering. This is our privilege, of course because we are sovereign, but doing this has repercussions. We are biting the hand that feeds us.

Opposing our wider Self in this way — by declaring something we experience as unacceptable — means we create a distance between ourselves and the natural insights, impulses and intuitions our wider Self is continually offering us, along with creating our external perceived reality.

Our inner receptivity to our wider Self’s influences is diminished when we oppose whatever our present experience happens to be. If we are opposing something in our outer world, we are opposing our whole Self, and so why should we not judge and oppose what we are offering ourselves inwardly?

It becomes clear that accepting our present experience is not only the polite and reasonable thing to do, but it opens our awareness to deeper understanding and new perspectives. This applies across the board, but especially when we encounter something we don’t like.

Acceptance does not mean we agree or embrace those things we don’t like. What it means is we agree with ourselves that whatever we are perceiving in this moment is acceptable, and even pretty darn amazing in most cases. (Honestly the production values in our reality creation are beyond state-of-the-art.)

By accepting that this moment is okay, we open so many doors to startling and delightful probabilities that we are completely blind to if we are busy opposing the nasty bits we have ferreted out in this moment.

One thought on “Acceptance vs Opposing

  1. Attraction and aversion, so powerful. in my mind, this piece evoked a picture of a bowling alley with gutter bumpers. One can bowl a good game when the possibility of a gutter ball is removed. But how does one truly develop skill without the sense of “the edge”? And how does one grow without the potential of expanding beyond “the edge”? Aversions represent invitations to grow.

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