The Flea On The Elephant


The Elephant and the Flea

The conscious ego is like a flea riding on an elephant which is the vast inner portion of ourselves. The astonishing thing about this physical dimension that we’re living in, is that here the flea is directing the elephant! Our conscious ego [that sense of ‘I’ you have in your head] is sovereign here, consciously directing the vast reality creation mechanisms of the inner Self that lie beneath us, so to speak, in the unconscious portions of Self.

We do not know, in detail, exactly how we have created this now moment, but that doesn’t stop us from creating the next one! Whatever our imagined failings, each of us continuously creates our reality flawlessly, down to the molecular level and beyond. All of this reality creation is done without any effort on our part, and utilizing powers and methods we do not presently understand.

We are the flea on the elephant. As the conscious ego within a particular focal personality, we have the awesome power to direct, with our attention and feelings, the creative powers of our inner Self which then, like any well-trained elephant, transports this ego, or flea, into whole new worlds.

If you do indeed create your present moments and problems as effortlessly as you do, and in ways you presently do not understand, can we allow for the possibility that you can create, with your attention and feelings, whatever you may want in any new moment, effortlessly and in ways you don’t understand?

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