Innocent Of All Charges


As many of you know, I have started doing a daily meditation about entering dreamtime and engaging my spirit animals. Kris has recommended this and it is being quite effective.

Since I have started doing this every day, there are times when I don’t really have much of an issue going in. So this morning we just sort of slid into dreamtime without much of an agenda.

Of course my lovely big bear came to greet me, and the spirit fox was there too, sitting on the side as usual and watching very carefully. After greeting them, I just sort of relaxed into the situation and thought, ‘Oh, what the heck, why not figure out why my back has been difficult for so many years?’

The fox immediately responded to this intention. I got the distinct feeling of a dog waiting for you to throw the ball. Total focus, enthusiasm and alacrity. I was led through the bushes to a seemingly dead puppy or baby lion lying in the grass.

I recoiled a bit from this seemingly negative image but the fox looked right at me and pawed at the seemingly dead little creature. In a moment it clambered to its feet and, shaking its head, walked into the bushes.

The fox then led me to a much bigger field filled with dead people, like a picture of casualties in WWI or WW2. Again the fox looked back at me and I realized this was everybody I had ever killed in all my lifetimes. In this moment all the ‘dead’ people raised their hand and waved at me!

Next the fox led me to an even bigger field filled with unhappy people. This was everyone I had ever been mean to, and they were expressing every kind of pain and hurt and personal anguish possible.

Again my fox looked at me and in that moment all of these many, many people started smiling and waving at me and laughing with each other. It was a party! The feelings that welled up in me were indescribable.

Of course, if we believe in cause and effect, karma, guilt, and sin, all of these sorts of experiences will manifest. But they are experiences. They are not who we are.

I realized that I was an innocent being, exploring physical reality with so many friends and family, who where all joyfully playing the dramatic parts in my living screenplays, as I was playing my part in theirs.

We are all innocent of all charges.

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