Bug Catching Birds


Just in from the back deck where I was entertained by watching some of the delights of nature.

I was watching the antics of a couple of tiny birds in the top branches of the big, blue spruce in my neighbour’s yard. What drew my attention was the steady, quiet chirping, maybe once every five seconds, coming from the tree.

As I watched, a tiny bird flew out of the uppermost branches and did a little arial dance before flying back to the tree. This was happening every few minutes and I know there were two, because once they were both out at the same time.

Focusing even more closely, I noticed that these arial excursions were in pursuit of a fat little flying insect that was barely visible from the ground. The game was to notice when one of these tasty morsels was close enough, jump into the air, and catch it on the fly.

And it was a test of skill because the flying bugs were clearly making avoidance maneuvers that the bird had to counter – thus the arial acrobatics that originally caught my attention.

I don’t pretend to know the motivations of these quick little birds, only to admire their performance. Somewhere I read that spiders make their webs because they think they are beautiful, and are surprised when flies get caught in them.

As always, engaging nature, especially as a reflection of my own Source, calms and delights me.

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