Finding That Extra Ten Minutes


Couple of noteworthy things have cropped up for me today.

Lately Kris has suggested that we take ten minutes a day and meditate, align ourselves with Source, play in dreamtime with our imagination, chant, whatever… Apparently this is how long we can maintain a positive feeling tone in our present situation.

Secondly, Kris has been suggesting that we work imaginatively with our totem animals, spirit animals, inner senses, psychic abilities, and experiment with expanding our awareness and understanding in these ways.

These two ideas found a way to merge for me this morning while I was doing my stretching ritual in bed. Every morning I take a few minutes and relax and stretch my back and legs, and I spread out my arms with a bolster under my neck and just relax for a few minutes. Apparently the only time our neck muscles are able to completely relax is when they are supported in this way.

So this morning I remembered wanting to do a ten minute meditation and figured this was a good time to try. The results were spectacular and my whole day has been enriched by this resonating experience. At random moments in the day I relished the pleasure of having done this meditation.

I did the usual breathing and relaxing, which was great because I was already focused on relaxing. Very quickly I was romping with my spirit animals in dreamtime – my big brown bear totem, and the bounding little fox totem.

They sensed my desire and led me to a familiar blue pool of water, and the bear and I dived in. The fox decided not to join us and that was perfect too – not sure how foxes deal with water.

The bear and I entered an underground treatment facility we have visited before, and I entered the indicated chamber. Multiple waves of energy washed over my form, including warmth that caused things to melt away like the lost wax method, cold that caused things to crack and break off, massive light that illuminated every nook and cranny, gushes of liquids; water, ghee, yoghurt, vinegar, honey and salty oceans of living water flowing all around and through.

This was very pleasant and went on for several minutes resulting in ever-mounting appreciation and recognition of the unique qualities of the bodily consciousness. Feeling that the job was done, I withdrew, thanking my bear and later, on the way back, my foxy friend.

The usual return to everyday consciousness – count to three and wiggle your fingers and toes – was accompanied this time by a totally visceral tingling feeling all over my body, especially my back and sides. Plus a great feeling of having found the ten minutes I wanted to find in my day.

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