Butter Tarts Are Okay


For reasons we shall not get into here, butter tarts have appeared on my radar. They have come to symbolize freedom from conditioning around preconceived notions about food and health. I have recently realized that eating a butter tart will not kill me.

So, for the first time in many years, I stood at the checkout with a package of butter tarts in my hand. I investigated getting one from the pastry area, but they wanted $3.99 for one tart. In the bakery area we found a package of six pecan butter tarts for $4.99.

Wanting a cup of coffee to enjoy the pastry to the full, I lined up at the café in the store, knowing that they can process groceries with your coffee.

Coming in behind me was a lady who worked at the store. I had seen her for years, but we had never really talked. This was a mature woman who was no longer slim. I had always sort of felt for her because the branded t-shirt they require you to wear at this store, highlighted every roll and ounce of her expanding physical body.

So here was the fun part. After I motioned for her to go ahead of me and get her coffee and she refused, she commented that this brand of butter tarts was her favourite because of the pecans. We then enjoyed a lovely chat about the relative merits of raisins versus pecans in butter tarts, representing the most extensive and feeling exchange we have had so far.

This delighted me because I realized that by expanding my acceptance of anything in my experience, we were expanded the opportunities to connect to other wonderful beings.


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