Changing My Morning Ritual


Recently I made a change in my morning ritual. This was part of my commitment to giving my present understanding of myself compassionate consideration. Loving and accepting who I am right now, warts and all.

We all have our own morning rituals, I’m sure. I used to get up at 6 a.m. and go through quite a lengthy pattern of behaviour; sending out the Kris quote, chanting a few rounds, 7 Circles Yoga, shower, supplements, and at last, breakfast.

This was mostly driven by what I felt should be done to start the day. There are layers and layers of beliefs, and expectations woven into this regimen, which does change in small ways from time to time, as we may discover some new beneficial activity or ingredient.

This was a different kind of change though. Kris was talking about the joy of being around this time. And especially the joy of being ME! This led me, on more than one occasion, to ignore the old morning timetable and just luxuriate in bed for a while instead of leaping up.

As all engagements with Self have a tendency to do, this feeling of freedom started to spread into more aspects of my morning rituals. Suffice it to say that now I get up around 7 a.m after dozing in the comforter for an hour. The alarm clock still goes off at 6 but I ignore it, and roll over and snooze for an hour. Bliss!

I also changed my hours at work. I work part-time at a bank and was going in at 9 a.m. for a three hour shift until noon. My boss said any three hours were all the same to her, and happily agreed to my new ‘banker’s’ hours of 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This means that whether I am going to work or not, I have time for a leisurely start to the day, and usually a good breakfast. No rush, no anxiety, no pressure, a much more pleasant morning, and basically no downside to this adjustment.

These changes all grew organically from my intention to be more compassionate and considerate of all aspects of myself. Attention, affection and engagement towards Self pay off in mysterious ways.

So my question now is, ‘What other patterns or rituals in my life could be adjusted to be more enjoyable, all without interfering with the essential relationships between myself and the collective consciousness?’

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