The Value of Limits


It’s a blessedly cool evening here in Toronto, after a very warm and humid summer. The idea of limits has fascinated me all day, with many different explorations and inner dialogues.

If we are, as Seth, Kris and all the other dead guys tell us… if we are limitless eternal beings, what is our obvious attraction to limiting ideas all about? Why do we seize upon, and embrace limiting ideas about who and what we are, and how the world works?

It can only be because there is some value in accepting limitations. A limitless being willingly accepting limitations, even for a part of its awareness and focus, means that there must be unlimited opportunities and fulfillment available in this choice.

Otherwise why would we, as limitless beings, create it?

The idea of a pipe bomb comes to mind. The potency of a pipe bomb is all about containing the energy of the explosion in the pipe until it bursts the containment which results in a more powerful explosion.

In much more varied and subtle ways, the limits we place on our infinite nature provide structures and contexts that allow for very powerful insights, and particular expansions of awareness.

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