We Are Gods To Our Bodies


Recently my relationship with my body changed. I had been following the party line and bought into all the conventional wisdom; sure the body is a miracle of nature and evolution, but it was basically an accident, and the amazing thing is that it ever worked at all, and that decline and decay was built into it and it was only a matter of time.

Kris has recently suggested that these ideas are limited. There is no need to decline or decay unless we believe it, and full vigour was quite within our body’s capability, even into advanced age. We have actually heard this before.

But this is the idea that hit me, we are, in a manner of speaking, the Gods or Goddesses of our body consciousness, of our physical body. It is a living being we have created, and it looks to us for everything we look for in our idea of God.

This set me back. My attitude towards my body has not been the way I hope God thinks of me. I have not accepted my responsibility to love and encourage my body consciousness. I have often not attended to its needs, except grudgingly, and have frequently entertained very resentful and negative feelings about the signals it was giving me.

Lying in bed thinking about this, I wondered how I would like to be treated by my Source Self. The answer was immediate and overwhelming. I wanted to be nurtured, and cared for, and provided with everything I needed to thrive and enjoy being alive. This came with lots of feelings, and eventually tears as I realized that this was exactly what I was getting from my Source Self

So now the humbling realization. I needed to give my body consciousness an abject apology and start delivering on my responsibilities to nurture and love it, and maybe above all, acknowledge and respect my body’s faithful service which allows me to experience physical reality.

“So you are in many ways, you are what which the body trusts, just as in religious circles and organizations they ask you to trust a supreme being. At the cellular, biological level you are that being that your own cellular, molecular and atomic structure, the units of consciousness trust. But they trust far more than what you see in the mirror. They trust a vast network of patterns of energy that give life.

There is this confidence that you will continue to supply the body then, with all the energy necessary to thrust it, literally propel it into this notion of time and space for its varied experiences. Just as you trust an energy beyond your own comprehension, an intelligence beyond your own comprehension, to also provide you with the impetus to be. So there is a pledge, a truthfulness, a particular kind of fidelity that exists at that deep level.” ~KRIS, The Garden of Mindfulness, Session 6, August 15, 2016

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