On The Threshold


Recently Kris suggested a simple exercise to help us to understand how we move from one state of consciousness to another. We simply move from room to room in our home and observe our consciousness.

“And here as a small exercise, especially to assist you in understanding a little more, but in a simple fashion, just how often you enter in and out of states of consciousness. Next time you go from the living room through the kitchen door, from the outside to the inside, from the inside to the outside, from the kitchen to the hallway, to the bedroom, to the living room, and so on and so forth, pay attention to the subtle changes in perception that occur as you go from one room to the other, in the living waking state.” ~Kris, The Garden of Mindfulness, Session 6.

I just tried this exercise and was surprised by the insights that came tumbling into my awareness.

Leaving the living room, I started the exercise by walking down a short hallway into the kitchen. Stretching out my ‘tendrils of consciousness’ it was clear that this room was about storing and preparing energetic resources for consumption. It was a portal within which I gathered and transformed foodstuffs into the energetic fuel my body needed. The feeling was focused and practical, and the energy of the refrigerator, stove and sink dominated the profile.

Next I went down the hall and checked out the bathroom. What a difference! The bathroom had completely different energy from the kitchen. I recall a cute story about Seth where he patiently suggested that Jane and Rob not keep their spare refrigerator, full of food they were going to eat, in the bathroom, and now I completely understand. The energy of the bathroom was about cleansing the body and releasing waste. The proliferation of water faucets, and spigots, and drains was an excellent metaphor for this.

At the end of the hallway was the bedroom and, again, what a difference! The energy here was snuggly and dreamy and full of possibilities. The windows and the doorway to the back deck were understood to be living portals to dreamtime, and the bed offered comfort and relaxation for the body.

Walking back up the hallway, I stopped at the entrance to the kitchen. What would it be like to stand in the doorway instead of entering the kitchen or remaining in the hall? The feeling was great. Slightly different than being in any particular room. Then I thought, ‘What if I straddle the threshold between kitchen and hallway?

Well! The result was instantaneous. I laughed out loud. Somehow I had transcended the choice between kitchen and hallway. I was both and neither. What a startling and wonderful realization!

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