Trusting Who You Are Inside


All the channeled sources, and Kris recently in particular, tell us how important it is for us to simply be our authentic selves. This is presented as something helpful. But I have a few questions.

First of all, I can’t really be anything else, can I? Who else am I going to be? And as far as authentic goes, who’s to judge us in this area? Either everything we do is authentic, or nothing is. We’re talking beingness here, and as long as you be, and in every way that you are being, you are the authentic you.

Of course there are many different flavours of me, and of all of us, but even Solomon on his throne could not make a judgement about which aspect is better, or more authentically me, and which aspects are not. It’s all or nothing.

So it seems that all the sages are telling us to do something – be ourselves – that we can’t not do. Are they all nuts, or is there something else?

In each moment we have the ongoing opportunity to honour ourselves and attend to feelings and insights and intuitions and impulses, or we can set that all aside to do what we feel is expected, to fit in and be comfortable, to apply ideas we know are outdated, but are just easier to go along with.

This is the choice I think the sages are turning our attention to. It turns out that attending to what the outside world seems to want of us, causes us too often to ignore, or second-guess the genuine rising up within us of our own insights and understanding, and tempts us to discount how we really feel.

In terms of authenticity, we can only truly know what our own feelings and perspectives are about something that comes up. When we try to conform to what others may be thinking and expecting, we are ultimately guessing and, let’s face it, often wrong.

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