Taking A Vacation From Seeking The Truth


It’s summertime and everybody is taking a vacation from their work-a-day life. So I am taking a vacation too. But I am an older gentleman, and don’t really have a job anymore. So I am taking a vacation from my usual preoccupation, seeking the truth. Trying to understand how everything works and my place in it.

Kris has offered a few ideas recently that contributed to my decision to take a break from trying to figure out the truth about who I am and how the universe works. It turns out that ‘truth’ is a pretty flexible concept that doesn’t really have any limitations. Anything can be ‘true’ for us if we adopt that idea as an absolute.

A friend and I have been talking about renting a big RV and touring the Rockies or the Maritimes here in Canada. This sounds like a great vacation from our everyday lives here in Toronto. But what about taking a ‘vacation’ from trying to figure everything out. Let’s suspend trying to understand what’s happening.

What if I just dropped the desire to understand everything and accepted the idea that we will never understand everything, because that is what creativity and growth is about, expansion and newness. Maybe the universe is a delicious and mysterious puzzle that leads us onward, rather than a conundrum that has to be sorted out.

Kris has explained that we are the meaning of our universe. We, each of us, are the centre, the experience, the identity and the ‘I’ that flows through time and space. We are the flow of All-That-Is as we joyously express our beingness in our own unique ways.

Maybe always trying to ‘know’ stuff, and understand, and control, actually inhibits our natural flow of magical experiences, impossible-to-articulate realizations, and exhilarating communion with others, and etc.

So my vacation this year is about leaving behind any attempt to know stuff in deference to really vividly experiencing stuff, and accepting mystery and spontaneity rather than pursuing understanding and control.

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