You Can’t Lose At Playing


Just now I thought I saw a mouse, or something, out of the corner of my eye. This is a fairly regular experience these days, and it’s not because we are infested with mice.

I am a bit older now, sixty-six this year, and though there was a time when I believed my physical senses to be correct and factual, a larger truth has dawned. So this is where the insight came.

Seeing a blurry something is not new. Don’t we all sometimes see a blurry something in the corner of our eye, turn and look, only to find nothing? The big difference was in the options, then and now, about what that blurry something might be.

In my youth that blurry something was one or more of; a very fast mouse that disappeared under the sofa, or an artifact of reflection off my glasses, or something that I didn’t understand, or, or, or. But my assumption was always that whatever it was, it adhered to my scientific and psychological understanding of the world – the truth.

Today that blurry something could, quite literally, be anything. Let’s imagine a range or gradient. At one end it could be a mouse, or moth, or artifact of light on my glasses. Moving on the gradient a bit more, we have optical and medical stuff about corneas, cataracts and floaters and whatnot. All possible and meaningful. ‘But that’s not all…’ to quote every infomercial everywhere.

That blurry something could be a bleed-through from another aspect of myself, from another probability, from Source in the dreamtime examining yet other possibilities… the parameters, combinations and permutations are literally endless.

This is the big difference between me as a twenty-year old and now. Not daily life so much, which is actually pretty similar, as much as what I allow as possibilities in the stuff I don’t understand. I still come across stuff I do not perceive nor understand clearly, but the possibilities I allow these unknowns are very different.

It may not be so much what we are focussing on, or what we perceive the world is focussing on, as much as what we expect and allow in the periphery of our own awareness, the stuff we don’t perceive or understand very clearly. Actually, if we think about it, what we don’t understand is very valuable to us. It is the only possible source for increasing our understanding.

As always, fooling around, and playing with the stuff we enjoy about this, is the way to go. And if something comes up, let’s not limit ourselves too much about what it might be exactly, and how everything will eventually work out. There is nothing to defend.

We cannot lose at playing.

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