Observing The Mind In Action

expand awareness

We’ve been spending a little more time in the ‘now’ than usual. This is because of Kris’ current workshop on the ‘matrix point of the now’. The idea here is that we can open ourselves to multi-dimensional awareness by feeling into a light trance state, and magnifying the now moment.

Because of this unusual amount of focus on these ‘now moments’, I have become more aware of what my consciousness is doing throughout the day. Turns out my mind is very busy, all day, finding meaningful correlations between the ideas I hold about myself, my assumptions about how things work, and our moment-to-moment events and experiences.

Seemingly without much intervention on my part, my mind automatically positions me, or positions who I presently think I am, within whatever is happening, inside and outside, so that it is meaningful to me.

This is no small feat, because lots of things happen around me that I simply do not understand, but my mind still finds a way to position me in these contexts, although it sometimes does it by fairly obviously pulling the wool over our eyes and looking the other way.

The mind uses three main resources to do this. First, it’s own bank of experiences, which is consulted with an instantaneous clarity and relevance that would make Google’s head spin. With our permission, it can even consult other aspects and Source for helpful instances.

Secondly it filters everything, forward and backward, through the self-concepts and beliefs of the presiding ego, and thirdly, it configures our awareness and perceptions in support of it’s conclusions.

We don’t really see what’s ‘out there’, so much as the carefully crafted perceptions and meanings that our minds prepare for us, according to who we think we are and how we think our world works.

On reflection, the one access point we have to this process, in our current position as embodied human beings, is the middle point. In step two, the mind filters everything through our ideas of who and what we think we are, and how we think the world works.

If we transform our ideas and assumptions in this area, it seems clear that we can influence the whole process to our, and everyone else’s, advantage.

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