Unexpected Illumination


Walking into the bedroom this evening I encountered a lovely pattern of light on the bed that I had never seen before. I have lived in this apartment for almost twenty years, and I have never seen this kind of light in my room at six-thirty in the evening.

Of course, we took a photo, and then another one of the source of the light. The setting sun was shining on some shiny part of a building several blocks away and it was reflected through my window.

Suddenly I was aware of many ancestors or other aspects who watched just such alignments very carefully over the course of millennia. We’re talking Stone Henge, the Pyramids and innumerable other ancient astronomical observatories.

It may be another year or more before the sun hits that exact part of the building and shines through my window in this way again. Meanwhile I am left with a very nice metaphorical observation.

We never know when our lives are going to be illuminated from a new and unexpected perspective. We just never know.

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