Nothing To Defend


Kris said something the other day that has stuck in my mind. “There is nothing to defend.” This was in reference to other topics and the discussion moved on, but this one idea stuck with me.

If there is nothing to defend, why do I sometimes feel defensive? The point he made was that this defensiveness was pointing to an active aspect, memory, old program, conditioned response, of ours that probably needed some TLC and maybe some AAA, and perhaps even some EFT.

There is nothing to defend because we are not being attacked by anything, except our very own Self pointing out problematic beliefs and reactions. And it’s not really an attack, it’s our misinterpretation of our wider Self trying to show us how to minimize difficulties and get more of what we want

I was contemplating this today as I walked down the street. ‘Nothing to defend.’ What a difference in how I felt and carried myself! I was comfortable, walking more slowly maybe than usual, shoulders and hips relaxed and nimble. It was great! How much energy have I been expending on defensiveness?

By the way, it’s easy to start thinking that our wider Self is something much bigger and wiser and grander than little old us. The amazing reality is that we are as much our wider Selves as we want and allow. In the wider world of no duality or duplicity, them is us.

Here’s another way to think about this. If we are defensive, what are we expressing in energy? That the world is dangerous and we need to defend ourselves. Given this persistent belief and expectation, guess what the world starts to offer us in the way of experiences?

So expressing defensiveness actually creates the dangerous and opposing world that we then experience. One great glory of the gift we receive as creators is that we can create anything we want, even separation and pain and imaginary attackers.

And here is the icing on the cake of not having to defend anything. If I do not need to defend myself from the world, then the world does not have to defend itself from me. This means that the world I experience opens itself to me in trust and love. There is no need to defend anything.

Of course, we can also create our own salvation or enlightenment. It comes down to what we want and where we focus our attention. At one level it may be great fun to create fierce opponents and do noble battle. A non-physical friend of mine has confessed to really enjoying their lifetimes as a pirate on the high seas.

At another level, of course, it is also wonderful to relax into the cradle of infinite love and acceptance. It’s a choice. As we come to understand who we are, and what the possibilities before us actually represent, there is indeed, so much to enjoy and appreciate and explore, and nothing to defend.

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