Leveraging Language for Insights


The words we speak, speak volumes about how we are thinking and feeling about ourselves and the world. If our words, especially our self-talk, around a particular issue are full of should’ve, would’ve, could’ve phraseology, this is clearly a problem area.

If our words around an issue are full of joy and acceptance and fulfillment, we are talking about a positive area. So this is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ thinking. Some stuff we experience is good and some is not so good, or even bad, and this is the natural dichotomy of living in the material world.

What if there is another world, transcendental to this one, where there is no duality or duplicity. We’re talking unity, but not boring, impersonal, single state unity. We’re talking fantastically variegated unity that is always finding new identities and new expressions. All without ‘good’ or ‘bad’ judgements.

My question is, can we use words in a way that is aligned with this transcendental reality while still engaging our regular lives. [full disclosure… I am influenced in this by observing the way Kris talks about things – with great understanding and precision, but without duplicity.]

After experimenting with this idea for a couple of weeks, I feel the answer is a cautious ‘yes’. I am gradually learning to speak without too much judgement and ‘black and white’ thinking. As I focused on it, I soon saw that this kind of talk is full of dualistic words. Let’s listen in on somebody asking a friend for help – dualistically:

“I am an idiot about this stuff, as you know. Please, please help me! Tell me what you think I should do!”

A tiny bit painful to see this on a page in broad daylight, but how many of us have never said something like this? This person is discounting themselves terribly, (I am an idiot), creating an unreal gulf between themselves and their friend, (you get this stuff, I don’t), and abdicating their own responsibility, (what should I do?).

Now let’s eavesdrop on somebody not using such duplicitous language:

“I am focusing on this issue in a new way and have questions. Happily, sharing with you always expands my understanding. Thanks!”

In terms of the material world, we are saying essentially the same thing here. This is an area where I want insight, and thanks for your input. But in the second instance there is no discounting of self and very little duplicitous language.

We accept that we are able to stimulate or curtail our growth in various areas. We joyfully engage the other person, expecting an expansion of understanding. There is no downside here for anybody, and no duality. We are more than the sum of our parts and everything else is too.

It is possible to speak carefully, with a healthy respect for yourself and others, and not use very much judgemental or ‘good and bad’ kinds of phraseology. What this does, in practice, is to open up more and more possibilities. Instead of judging, labeling and discarding our experiences, we claim, investigate and relish them.

If we’re talking about good and bad, black and white, there is not much opportunity for change, or development, or refinement of our position or understanding. It is either / or. Once in a blue moon, it might actually change polarities, but in dualities, it turns out that the opposite side is basically the same, maybe with different hats.

On the other hand, when our words speak in terms of our values and our growth, both in understanding ourSelves, and in connecting to others, we expand our options, and discover variations and nuances that are invisible if we are seeing only black and white.

Transcendental Speak can be thought of as a portal. A way to alter our perception of ourselves, others, and our experiences, to enable access to alternate possibilities and probabilities. We change probabilities all the time – let’s be aware and choose.

Speech is immensely potent. In some ways, the Universe is an expression of Cosmic Speech, and we are all letters and words in the Divine Oration.

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