Johnny Discovers His Heads-Up Display


“We had to play with it because after all, if you cannot play with your life, even though it may at times appear dismal, or even abysmal, if you cannot play with it, then you are instilling a myth within your particular story line, particular life line, such that you begin to believe it. So it is in y0ur own best interests always, to create a story, a myth, where you are the gods and goddesses of your experiences. Plain and simple truth. …

So you go through your whole lives generating myth for yourselves. And you believe some things and you do not believe others, but the point is, pay attention to what you decide, what kind of myths you believe about your particular life, and if it appears that you are the underdog, then we highly recommend that you change the myth or the story.” ~Kris – Toronto Meetup – June 1, 2016

 As Kris suggests in the quote above, I am writing a new story for my life. Not because things are so dismal here. In fact, things are pretty okay these days. I feel like I’m on a cusp though, or decision-point in my development. I have been studying metaphysical and reality creation ideas for decades and have learned a lot. However, recently it feels like things are shifting, inside and out, in a foundational way.

So I am going to discover and develop a new myth for my life. I say discover rather than create because Kris has shown us that for the most part, these storylines already exist somewhere within us, ready to emerge when we are aligned with them.

Actually, it just occurred to me that my Johnny Danger stories, written several years ago, were part of this new storyline. I wasn’t particularly aware of this while writing them, but I think a new Johnny Danger story is a good place to start, only this time much more aware of this aspect of what’s going on.

– – – – –

The-Rider-WaiteTarot-Card-The-FoolJohnny woke with a start and rolled over in bed. In the dream that had just abruptly ended, he had jumped off a cliff into apparent nothingness. Not jumped, exactly. He could remember casually stepping off the cliff in a way reminiscent of the tarot card, The Fool.

Taking the dream in stride, Johnny went through his morning ritual and got up. At the age of sixty-some, he had long ago developed a little routine of stretches and relaxation that he did every morning before getting out of bed that made a big difference.

Looking at himself in the bathroom mirror he was immediately presented with the usual two options; one was how to deal with the fact that he was physically decaying before his very eyes, and alternatively, what wonderful new quality was he going to discover about himself and the universe today? As usual he chose the latter with a little shudder at the former.

Breakfast was vitamin pills and warm water and it was off to work. The walk and the subway ride was normal, but something interesting happened when he got his breakfast sandwich. The shop had started charging for lettuce, an extra 50 cents, and Johnny was aware of a part of him that was outraged by this, even though he didn’t feel particularly outraged.

And this is when it got interesting. Johnny suddenly became aware of a sort of ‘heads up’ display superimposed on his vision, that moved as he moved his head, and had dynamic streaming data and live graphs.

headsup2_1To the left he could see a scrolling list of options that were canned or pre-packaged reactions to this experience.

Say something sharp, say something cute but pointed, ask to see the manager, feel resentful at corporate greed, etc., etc. These reactions were aligned with the conditioned responses within this society.

“I am the customer, who the heck are you, charging extra for lettuce in a sandwich, really? You only get away with this because these folks are madly busy and not paying attention.” Etc., etc.

On the other side of the display was a shorter list with only a few options, but they were aligned with his personal preferences rather than the dictates of societal conditioning.

“Loving kindness, mutual understanding, shared joy in being, cooperation”. Etc., etc.

Johnny chose loving kindness and enjoyment from the second list and as he walked happily towards the escalator, he wondered again what kinds of adventures were in store for him today.

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