Urban Shamanism


Really enjoying the title of the upcoming Kris course, ‘The Urban Shaman & Mystic’.

There is something exotic and adventurous about the idea of being an Urban Shaman. (Of course, we are all that and more… and that means you too, eh?) But nevertheless, being an urban shaman catches my attention and imagination very nicely.

How would such a being conduct his, or her, days? Obviously the focus would be on sharing insights and understanding with others, but what would breakfast be? And how would an urban shaman conduct their everyday affairs?

When would we perform our shamanic rituals, and how? We know where, an urban environment somewhere, but with what paraphernalia? And to what purpose?

How intriguing to realize that Kris may be offering in this new seminar, a ‘Book of Spells” for budding urban shaman everywhere.

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