Eternal Knowledge And Bliss


In the Vedas – and let’s give it up for the Vedas –  the qualities of Soul are described. (and God, or Krishna, is given the most elaborate, non-duplicitous description we have ever encountered)

So we are Sat, Chit and Ananda. In Sanskrit this means eternal, full of knowledge, and full of bliss. As we get a bit more into the Vedas, we understand that we are the eternal embodiment of limitless knowledge and unlimited, constantly expanding bliss.

Not bad, eh?

So what does this mean to us in our everyday lives? Does being eternal change our understanding of how much life insurance we need, or how irritated we need to get at red lights? Certainly understanding that we, ourselves, are the single Source and fount of knowledge and meaning in our lives… this is a game changer.

And what about bliss? I most assuredly experience pain, irritation, moodiness and more. None of which are my understanding of bliss. But wait, Kris has just finished a seminar entitled ‘The Joy Of Being’ where he helped us to understand that underneath everything, is this joy of simply being who we are, sometimes quiet, and sometimes exuberant.

Of course, this provoked disbelief in me at first. How can there be joy, however deeply buried, in traffic jams, dental visits, performance reviews and etc.? Where is the joy in seeing tragedy on the news, friends dying of cancer, or the aging of our own body?

And here’s the thing. It turns out there are (at least) two different layers to reality. On top we have the outer events and circumstances of our consensus lives. Underneath this, and absolutely essential and foundational to it, is a second layer where all of this is sourced, and chosen, and engineered for us to experience in the top layer.

You can see where we are going with this. Even though we may be having challenges and difficulties at the top layer, the layer of physical sense data, at the second layer we understand that all of this is our own construction and temporary – give it ten minutes tops. At this level, we are potentially having the time of our lives.

This pleasure in just being who we are and exploring various experiences, is always there (here) and we are learning to connect with it, and trust it.

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