Using Natural Trance States

trance states diagram

We all go through many states of consciousness every day. Sleeping, waking, dreaming, that lovely in-between state called the bardo, day-dreaming, fazing out, passion, hyper-focus, whatever names we have for all these different states of consciousness.

Mobility of Consciousness

It turns out that simply becoming aware of these various states starts to allow us to move between them and take conscious advantage of their various qualities. And that is the really empowering thing about this. Each different state of consciousness, or trance as Kris calls them, each state has its own qualities.

The waking state is all about focus and action and assessing sense data. The dream state is altogether different, focusing on feelings and imagery not limited by physicality. There is a third state that is very powerful for us to understand.

We faze out from time to time every single day. By this I mean we move into a trance state where we are dissociated from our physical environment and focused inwardly. This happens many times every day. In the shower, during the commute, when that song comes on, relaxing in the park after lunch, and so many more.

Kris has recently told us a great and grand secret about how we can make practical use of these times. One of the qualities of this state of consciousness, or trance state, is that we are very open to suggestion. This is what hypnosis is about. In these moments we are especially open to suggestion and this means we can make practical use of these moments. Here is a quote from a recent Kris presentation:

“You were discussing earlier about often when we give a presentation, whether we speak and address individually or collectively, there is a kind of trance-like situation that manifests itself, and it is to be expected because you are being drawn out of your usual trance states, your usual concentrations, into something different. Into something that actually belongs to you, that is always there, but you do not pay attention to it. Because you play with trance states all day.

And we have mentioned this before but, go into a subway train, a bus, public transit, an elevator, an escalator, and pay attention to those around you. When you get into the elevator what do most people do? They look down or they look at the numbers. They walk into an elevator and immediately an alteration occurs. How do you notice this? If they are going to the twelfth floor and the floor is already lit, they will press it anyway.

So there has been a disconnect from their usual situation, and then they stand there and faze out. You see it in all public transit situations. They basically go inside. Everyone does that. It is a natural human phenomenon, but it is not taken advantage of.

Whenever you notice that your own consciousness alters or fluctuates, then you can utilize that moment to instil some positive programming instead of rehashing old, even hurtful situations. Instil positive suggestions and you will see a big difference. Does that make sense to you?”

– Higher Consciousness And Channeling – Kris Meetup – Wednesday, June 1, 2016, in Toronto, Ontario, Session Three

So here’s the idea. When you notice you are slipping into one of these ‘faze out’ states, use the hyper-suggestibility of your own psychology to suggest positive ideas to yourself: I am powerful, meaningful, supported, endowed, free. Whatever empowering suggestions you want to make to yourself.

Kris gives the example of getting in the elevator, which most of us do everyday, except instead of looking at the ceiling, or the video screen above the door, take a moment and give yourself some positive suggestions.

I am powerful, meaningful and free.

I will respond only to positive suggestions.

I am eternal, full of knowledge and bliss.

I am the flow, the meaning of All-That-Is

These suggestions will be much more effective in this state of consciousness than any affirmations we might repeat in the waking state, or happy thoughts we might try to force upon ourselves when we are under stress, or facing challenges.

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