Kris Can Be Sneaky Sometimes


Sneaky Kris Has Pulled A Fast One

Kris has recently pulled off a big one and I am actually proud that I even noticed. He can be a bit tricky sometimes, but I am onto him.

He conducted a seminar called ‘The Joy Of Being’ that helped us to understand the idea that just simply being is a joyful enterprise. Sat, chit, ananda is the Vedic description of what we actually are as Soul – eternal knowledge and bliss.

Kris persuasively demonstrated for us in this seminar that just being is a cause for joy. One of the attributes of any form of beingness is joy. Who knew? The other attributes described in the Vedas are also interesting, by the way, but that is another post.

Now Kris went even further, which I am recognizing is a signature quality of his instruction. (We are always more than the sum of our parts, and anything we are dealing with is likewise more than the sum of our perception and understanding.)

Kris pointed out that we are each unique. So the ‘joy of being’ is augmented by the joy of being ‘who we are’. So it’s not just the joy of being, it’s the joy of being me! We are each utterly unique and divine, sovereign expressions of an utterly unique and sovereign All-That-Is.

This has created for me a sort of underfloor that supports my everyday experiences with an understanding that no matter what, everything is suffused with this quiet, deep and wide connection with who I am and the wider contexts of my being.

And let’s not neglect the idea that we are eternal. Understanding this changes how we perceive and understand so much about regular physical life. The best for me is understanding that my relationship with everyone I have ever known is eternal – without ending. Lovely!

No matter what kind of experience any aspect of mine may be having, it is couched within a context where the impulse behind it, and the foundation supporting it, is positive and enriching – loving even. And the opportunities presented are, as always, unlimited.

Of course, understanding this starts to change the kinds of experiences we are having.

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