What Kind Of Reflection Exactly


The world is a reflection of you. This idea is very common in alternative thinking. So if the world, represented by my boss for instance, feels that I am worthless and not contributing enough, then inwardly I feel worthless and like I’m not contributing, and this is what is being reflected.

There may be a way to deepen this common understanding of how the world reflects us. A couple of related ideas may clarify our understanding. First, the world we experience with our physical senses is actually made up of myriad outer, symbolic expressions of our inner understanding of who we are, and how things work. It is reflecting us.

Interestingly, our world attempts to reflect all of us, including the parts that we do not know, understand, or even perceive. Thus we have stars, and black holes, and all manner of things in our physical reality that we do not understand, or even perceive.

This ‘mirroring’ of our inner states can take many, many forms, all of them meaningful and symbolic expressions of our inner focuses, beliefs and expectations. This is all offered by the mirroring process for our understanding.

Second, it’s all about Self and who we think we are. As Kris said some years ago, “The world is not about the world, the world is about you.” Everything we are learning boils down to a better understanding of Self, of who and what we are.

Keeping in mind the primacy of this evolving understanding of Self, think of the ‘reflection’ of the physical world in this way; the world is treating us the way we are treating Self. It’s all an object lesson in our own attitudes, and beliefs, and expectations about our own inner, whole Self.

Therefore in the example above, where the world’s attitude towards us is that we are worthless and not contributing, the reflection is pointing to our own attitudes, beliefs and expectations about our own Self. It’s not that we feel we are worthless, (although that could be another post). It’s that we feel that our own inner Self is worthless and not contributing.

Some of us would fire our inner Self if we could. This is the issue being reflected. So the reflection the world offers is always about our relationship with Self.

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