Rutabegas in New Zealand


During a reverie this evening, I overheard this conversation. We are backstage listening to a rather harried PA talking to the assembled crew about a sort of celebrity version of myself…

“Okay, some of you are new, so let me explain the basic rule. Don’t ever interrupt or interject anything while he is talking. Don’t bring new people in. Don’t change the lighting. Don’t do anything to distract his attention.

We are here to present powerful ideas about how to go about creating your own reality, and we have this kind person who offers insights about this. But because of his perspective, he puts his ALL into everything he engages. That’s kind of the deal.

So please don’t distract him with another topic, or perspective, or person, or anything. Just let him continue. The reason is that when presented by a new question, or person, or topic, or comment, or whatever, he will give his ALL, his focus, interest, humour, and creative expression, to this new topic or person.

He once talked for forty-five minutes about growing rutabagas in New Zealand with someone who innocently asked a question and followed up. But here’s the thing. That episode is one of our most popular! He was witty, brave, understanding, and funny, and they waxed on about rutabagas, in the most entertaining way, for three quarters of an hour!

We only have him for an hour, so please, let’s not learn anything more about growing vegetables in a foreign country.”

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